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Canon 5D Mark III Setup How standard painting style

2018-01-09 17:36:00

Canon 5D Mark III sets the standard painting style as follows:


In the same style as oil painting, the HDR mode has the effect of brightening the dark part, which can reproduce the bright part well. The color rendering tendency is more natural, and can be flexibly applied to a variety of scenes and subjects. In addition, the "standard painting style" brightens the contours of the subject significantly, and can express an atmosphere similar to the "local exposure" of film.


EOS 5D Mark III/EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM/ Focal length: 16mm/ Aperture priority Auto exposure (F8, 1/250 SEC)/ISO 800/ White Balance: Auto/Photo Style: Auto /HDR Mode: Standard painting style


As if using a flash lamp, the sculpture of the cow is very bright. Although it was taken on a cloudy evening, the overall picture also has a strong sense of intensity, giving a strong impression. The outline around the horn becomes bright, which is one of the typical effects obtained through HDR mode. The presence of the subject is further enhanced as if it were backlit.


EOS 5D Mark III/EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM/ Focal length: 120mm/ Aperture Priority Auto exposure (F11, 1/400s)/ISO 400/ White Balance: Auto/Photo Style: Landscape /HDR Mode: The brightness difference between the foreground and the background of the standard painting style is strong, and it is usually impossible to shoot both at the same time, but the use of HDR mode can eliminate the brightness difference. Here the bright part of the effect is striking. In addition, as the background becomes clearer, it gives the impression that the distance between the two is shortened. Usually the image is taken as a documentary photograph, but taking it in HDR mode can make it a work.


Normal image EOS 5D Mark III/EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM/ Focal length: 16mm/ Aperture priority Auto exposure (F4.5, 1/250 SEC)/ISO 640/ White Balance: Auto/Photo Style: Auto/HDR Mode: Standard painting style shot on the street corner encountered construction site. A two-wheeler placed alone in a wide space is more eye-catching, and the brightness difference is usually strong when shooting, resulting in isolation between the interior and the outside world. In order to reduce the brightness difference, the HDR mode is used to shoot the external scenery, presenting a sense of unity. The shadow and highlight are weakened to better express the atmosphere of the scene, making people feel the ever-changing urban power.