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Car air conditioning heat dissipation is not good! How to modify

2018-03-13 11:12:00

Car air conditioning heat dissipation is not good! What should I do?




air conditioner


1. First of all, we must consider why the problem of poor heat dissipation, direct feeling, the air-conditioning refrigeration effect is not good, the temperature of the outlet does not go down - this is generally a slight poor heat dissipation.


2. The pressure of the air conditioning system increases, especially the high pressure part, which may cause the air conditioning circuit to burst.


3.. The compressor load increases, the internal pressure of the compressor rises, the piston cylinder block is difficult to compress, and then it will cause the cylinder block load to be too heavy, causing the air conditioning belt to slip


4. Limit poor heat dissipation - the pressure rises too fast, the force of the piston cylinder reaches the limit, the road pressure is withstand to the limit, the pressure switch causes the compressor electromagnetic coil high frequency suction, 14 minutes later the compressor electromagnetic coil burned, the compressor functional failure.


5. Check the fan, see if the water tank and condenser are dirty and blocked, and clean them.


6. The heat dissipation process of the working principle of automobile air conditioning: the superheated refrigerant gas at high temperature and high pressure enters the condenser, and the refrigerant gas is condensed into a liquid due to the reduction of pressure and temperature, and a lot of heat is discharged.