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Car maintenance knowledge keeps your car in top condition

2018-03-14 14:24:29

In fact, the car is the same as the person, if the spirit is full of no disease no disaster, can always maintain a good state to work, that is, to do our tools, but if you do not rest well, or something goes wrong, just like us on the class have no spirit, how to go to your BOSS boss service? Therefore, as the owner of the owner, we should first learn the knowledge of car maintenance and how to keep the car in the best condition.


Car maintenance


Simple parts can be replaced by themselves, such as wiper, these secondary replacement and inspection are relatively simple, they buy their own brand on the Internet, and then a simple inspection and installation can be done.


Protection car paint with car coating instead of waxing, sealing glaze protection car paint is the high-end car owners more and more attention to the car beauty project, often to wax, sealing glaze is a waste of time, car coating is a gradual replacement of waxing sealing glaze car beauty project, coating can completely seal the car paint, in the body to form a layer of hardness more than 3-8 times the car paint film, Ensure that the car paint is not oxidized, corroded, to avoid slight scratches. The warranty time of the car coating can reach 2-5 years, and the middle owner can protect the car paint as long as the car is washed. In addition, the interior cleaning and disinfection can be done once every 3 months, and the interior can be cleaned by a professional car beauty, and a protective polish can make the car maintain the feeling of a new car.


Proper maintenance is a scientific car maintenance cycle refers to the interval mileage or time of car maintenance. Maintenance should be periodic, do not dote on your car like a child, frequent maintenance is not a bad thing, but it must be periodic to avoid internal discomfort caused by excessive maintenance. The initial stage of the car is mainly normal maintenance, the cost is relatively low; When the vehicle is used for a certain number of years or a certain mileage, it will enter the maintenance period, and the cost is relatively high. A new car in good condition can be properly maintained; If the car is in poor condition or in poor condition, the maintenance cycle should be shortened appropriately.


Filter to repair and replacement should always pay attention to the cleaning of the filter of the car. Do not underestimate it, it directly affects your car fuel consumption and other situations. In the process of using the internal combustion engine, dust and other impurities will continue to be mixed into the oil, while the oxidation of air and combustion exhaust gas on the oil, will make the oil gradually produce gum or sludge, which will not only accelerate the wear of parts, but also easily cause oil blockage. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the filter of the car regularly.


Only need to change the antifreeze once two years when the weather turns cool, once the cold air comes and the temperature drops sharply, it is likely to affect the normal work of the car cooling system. At this time, it is necessary to drain the tap water in the tank and use antifreeze. If your car has been using antifreeze, you do not need to replace it immediately. The replacement cycle of antifreeze is two years, and the replacement cycle of general antifreeze is two to three years or driving 30,000 kilometers to 40,000 kilometers. Some antifreeze storage after a year, there will be a small amount of flocculent precipitation, this phenomenon is mostly caused by the precipitation of additives, do not need to throw away. If a large number of particles precipitate, it indicates that the antifreeze has deteriorated and can no longer be used. We need to remind you that do not forget to clean the engine before replacing the antifreeze.


Many car owners often buy "excess insurance" and "insufficient insurance" when buying auto insurance. Excess insurance, that is, the insurance limit is higher than the actual value of the subject matter of insurance, such as the purchase of a car worth 120,000 yuan, insured the amount of theft and theft insurance of 300,000 yuan, if there is a total loss, the compensation can only be 120,000 yuan. The second paragraph of Article 39 of the Insurance Law stipulates that the insured amount shall not exceed the insured value, and if it exceeds the insured value, the excess part shall be invalid, that is, the insured can only get the corresponding compensation when the loss of the subject matter insured occurs, and cannot obtain the income from the purchase of insurance that exceeds the value of the subject matter insured. In addition, insufficient insurance, the insurance limit is lower than the actual value of the subject matter insured, which will be "paid in proportion".


Imported tires are not necessarily the best choice for a car on the move, which is actually handed over to four tires. However, when buying various brands of imported tires, some people inevitably enter the misunderstanding of buying. Many consumers are more willing to choose original imported tires for psychological reasons. In fact, the new tire launched abroad for the user, the price is too high, and not necessarily applicable.