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Cartoon big eyes princess stick figure how to draw?

2018-02-16 00:00:00

We imagine if a cartoon big eyes princess standing beside you, you are not very happy, to be able to make friends with the princess, it is really a happy thing, today Xiaobian to draw a cartoon big eyes princess stick figure, let's take a look.


A pen, a piece of paper, colored brushes


First, let's draw a half circle, which is the princess's face, as shown below


Then we will draw the princess's big eyes and small mouth, and the princess's hair, and the crown on her head. As shown below


Then we will draw the neck part of the princess and the hands of the princess's upper body, as shown below


Then let's draw the princess's pompous dress, which is very elegant and beautiful, as shown below


Finally, let's draw the princess's hair and the skirt to link, so long hair to the waist feels good, as shown in the picture below

Matters needing attention

We can imagine when painting, color is also free to use your imagination!


I hope the experience of Xiaobian will be helpful to you. Xiaobian long-term update experience, welcome to pay attention to me!