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Check out the best places to visit on the beach

2018-03-19 06:24:00

The first choice for summer travel is to go to the seaside! Take stock of the seaside worth going to, and add a lot to the trip!!


Hai Nan (English name: Hai Nan) is a shining pearl in China and is the second largest island after Taiwan. It is a good place to travel and have a holiday. The climate is pleasant and there are many interesting places. The sea is very clear, the sea breeze is cool, the beach, the sea, the sky and the people are first-class. And lots of tropical fruits and seafood. The best beach to visit ① Asia: is the southernmost half moon shaped bay. It enjoys the reputation of "the first bay under heaven". The wide area of the bay can accommodate 100,000 people swimming in the water at the same time, and thousands of yachts cruising and chasing. The water is crystal clear, and you can clearly see the seabed landscape 10 meters below. The 8 km long beach here is wide and gentle, the sand is white and fine, the quality of the beach is very good, and the nature is unique, which can be compared with any famous tropical tourism resort in the world. If you choose a beach by the sea, Asia is definitely an option not to be missed. ② Wuzhizhou Island: Wuzhizhou Island enjoys the reputation of "China's first diving base". The central slope of Wuzhizhou Island, tangled with vines, is a forest of tropical plants, the western and northern parts of the formation of a zigzag jade ribbon silver beach, the sand is uniform and delicate, the color of the sea is clear and transparent, the highest visibility of 27 meters. The underwater world of colorful tropical fish and corals of different shapes is known as the best diving base. Wuzhizhou Island also has a lot of Marine entertainment. If you want to dive, Wuzhizhou Island must be the best choice, be sure to choose good weather, location, and professionals.


Located in the southeast of the motherland, across the Taiwan Strait and treasure Island Taiwan warm watch. The sea area is 136,000 square kilometers, with 3,752 kilometers of winding coastline, ranking first. In addition to numerous landscapes, farmlands and cottages, there are also many sandy beaches worth visiting. The most worthy to play the beach ① island: the island scenery is beautiful, the climate is pleasant, the sea water here is blue like the sky, the beach is long and soft, Yang Mei is abundant, the woods are deep and immanent, the white sails dot, the seagulls fly, is an excellent tourist resort. Here the bay is vast, the beach is gentle, the trees are lined, and the scenery is numerous, which has the characteristics of the southern scenery. ② Meizhou Island: Meizhou Island is located 42 kilometers southeast of the province, is the second largest island in the city, the island north-south longitudinal narrow, shaped like a crescent and named, known as the "southern country", is the birthplace of Mazu culture. Blue sky, blue sea, sunshine, sand constitute the romantic scenery of Meizhou Island, Jiubao LAN Yellow Beach known as "the first beach in the world" Jiubao LAN Yellow Beach is located in the southwest of Meizhou Island, the front of the blue waves Wan Qing, after the pillow green thousand Chou. Golden beaches stretch for several kilometers, visitors in the north of Meizhou Island Mazu Mountain pilgrimage, drive to set foot in Jiubao LAN, just like stepping into the fairy palace moon caves. ③ Tannan Bay; Located in the southeast of Haitan Island (that is, island), where the water is clear, ten miles of flat sand, the wind is soft, the waves are crystal clear, the tide sounds like music, both of Hawaii's romantic, and some magnificent style, is a set of vacation leisure, recuperation in one of the international tourism resort. Liuao: Liuao Peninsula has an open bay, white sand beaches, endless sea. On the white sand beach, there is an elevation of only 72 meters Lao Aya Mountain, in the Lao Aya Slope within a square kilometer of a piece of weathered white granite, the surface of the rock is covered with a lot of brown patterns, the shape is like a modernist abstract pattern, forming a rare natural wonder of sea erosion. This beach has earned the title of "Abstract Gallery".


Located in the south of the motherland, the capital. It is the most convenient passage to the sea in southwest China. It is magnificent and rich in minerals. The beauty of hundreds of rivers has formed an endless region with rapid economic development and great potential to become a small pearl River Delta. Subtropical rainforest climate, breeding a large number of precious plants and animals; Especially rich in fruit, known as the "hometown of fruit". Peculiar karst landform, splendid cultural relics and monuments, rich ethnic customs, so unique charm! In addition to these, the seaside is also worth a walk. The most worth going to the beach ① : The city is a beautiful and rich, four seasons like spring, picturesque city, is one of the ancient Chinese "maritime Silk Road" port of departure, April to November. It's sunny and the water is warm. Weizhou Island is the best time to enjoy the sunrise, view the sea, tour the island and eat seafood. Weizhou Island, Silver Beach, are very worthwhile places to go. ② : with the "edge, sea, mountain" based rich and colorful tourism and Beijing, Zhuang, Yao and other unique ethnic customs: across the middle of the 100,000 mountains forest park vast, peaks, magnificent dangerous show; With Wanwei Golden Beach as the representative of the Jing nationality three islands set blue sea, Golden Beach, Green Island, Jingnationality customs in one, simple folk customs, beautiful scenery; Jiangshan Peninsula beach flat sand soft, Daping Po White wave Beach, strange stone Beach, Moon Bay, White dragon fortress beautiful scenery, has the "China Hawaii" reputation.


"Lu" or "Qilu" for short. It borders the sea to the east and the mainland to the west. The horizontal terrain is divided into peninsulas and continents. The eastern peninsula protrudes between the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, and is far opposite to the Liaodong Peninsula across the Bohai Strait. If you go to the coastline to play, summer is a good time, and the temperature difference in other seasons is not suitable for launching. The most worth going to the beach ① : By the mountains and the sea, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, is a unique city. Near the Yellow Sea, encircling Bay. Promontory bay alternates with sand soft beach flat, coast twists and turns, city with sea, sea color. ② : By the mountains and the sea, the climate is pleasant, is located in the eastern part of the peninsula, near the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea, and Japan and the Korean Peninsula across the sea, not only beautiful scenery, seafood everywhere, but also many people yearn for livable city. ③ : Located in the seaside, the coastal beach from south to north 60 kilometers, the most important attractions are concentrated in this. The air is very fresh, known as "blue sky, blue sea, beach" famous in the world. The air is excellent and the environment is good, which is praised by relevant experts as "the only unpolluted gold coast in China's coast". ④ : Beautiful scenery, four distinct seasons, by the mountain beside the sea, is a tourist summer resort. Urban environment is beautiful, air quality, water quality and noise and other environmental quality indicators meet or exceed the national standards, is a good place for tourism, summer, recuperation. The coastline of the city is 1000 km long, accounting for about 1/3 of the province.


It is located in North China, north of the lower Yellow River, east of Bohai Sea, surrounding Beijing and Tianjin, west of Taihang Mountain, north of Yanshan Mountain, north of Yanshan Plateau, and the rest. It is the only province with plateaus, mountains, hills, lakes and beaches. The wide variety of landforms and the mild and pleasant climate create a unique natural scenery. The most worth going to the beach ① : Originally an island, to the Qing Qianlong period became the land Lian island, the territory of many mountains, vast sea, beautiful scenery, cool climate, become the summer resort in North China, but also the back garden. The city is divided into three districts. Have the Great Wall, ecology and other good tourism. National historical and cultural city, summer resort, Nandaihe tourist resort, Gold Coast and other more than 40 tourist attractions have unique charm.

Matters needing attention

Beach play attention to sun protection, prevent heat stroke


Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility.