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Children's early education curriculum used to be so particular

2018-03-18 14:24:00

American psychologist Jiemins research pointed out that before the age of 5 is the fastest period of intellectual development, for an 18-year-old child to achieve normal intelligence water, early childhood education level, of which 50% of the intelligence is obtained before the age of 4, 30% is obtained at the age of 4-8, 20% is obtained before the age of 8-18. Therefore, the education of children's early education is very important, and the choice of children's early education curriculum is also a lot of attention, today to analyze those early education courses with you.


1, sports class, fitness early education course, is a set of special development of infant physical fitness sports comprehensive class. It is divided into three types of courses: newborn period, early childhood period and children's period, using international standard gymnastics equipment. In the course, as many as 48 kinds of training themes and more than 80 kinds of technical movements are designed to comprehensively exercise the infant's physical fitness and promote the healthy development of the baby's body. At the same time, fitness classes focus on cultivating parent-child relationship and social ability between parents and children in the process, and ultimately achieve the common physical and mental development of children. 2, Music early education course, through the form of small live concerts, lead children to experience music themes covering different regions of 6 continents, animal theme, festival theme and folk song theme of different countries, so that children feel the rhythm, rhythm and beat, so as to develop children's musical talent, is to bring children a rich experience of high-quality music professional courses.


3, Art early education curriculum, based on the "National Standards for Visual Arts Education" and developed, is an art palace for children aged 1.5 to 5 years old, by providing rich and innovative art tools, art materials, so that children can experience a complete and diverse art forms, such as sculpture, painting, rubbings, collages, printing and dyeing. At the same time, in the process, children will learn world famous art works, understand world art masters and world art culture, cultivate children's artistic interest and artistic sentiment, exercise imagination and creativity, and cultivate small world citizens. 4, hip-hop early education course, to help children experience diverse hip-hop culture, harvest the fun of dance. Children not only learn HipHop, but also learn Breaking, Popping, Locking and Krump, rich street dance elements, diversified role experience, stepped skills learning, cool choreography show, help cultivate children's sense of physical rhythm, physical expression and stage orientation, personality dance display and movement creation. It can also enhance children's creativity and self-confidence, and promote the free development of their personalities.


5, drama performance early education course, lead children to open the original American Broadway musical journey. There are 15 musicals carefully selected for children, and through gamified sound exercises, expression exploration, dance steps and performance training, the child's nature promotes the full development of self-confidence and self-expression. At the same time, rich stage props, a variety of musical characters to explore, image song singing and choreography design, to promote the children in singing, dancing, performance of the three aspects of artistic talent greatly improved. These are a few good options for early education courses, of course, these can be selected in early education, New York International early education has these courses, other early education institutions should also have, hope to help parents.