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Chimelong Crocodile Park one day tour guide

2018-03-04 12:48:00

Chimelong can be called one of the most popular parent-child attractions in recent years, Chimelong crocodile is a theme park themed with wetland animal projects, and those who plan to take their children to play will follow Xiaobian to have a look.


About the traffic. The transportation of Chimelong Crocodile Park is not convenient. If you live in Chimelong, you can take the free shuttle bus, but you need to reverse; If you live elsewhere, you can take the subway and transfer to a shuttle. You can also take a taxi. Comparing and summarizing the experience of people around me, I strongly recommend taking a taxi by myself. First, taxi is more comfortable, catch up with the peak season ferry car people are also many; Second, the taxi time is controllable, many friends wait for a long time when they change the shuttle bus, originally travel time is the most precious, why waste it in waiting for the car. On the contrary, Xiaobian strongly recommend the shuttle car to change the subway mode of transportation, crocodile park is the departure station of the shuttle car, each hour starts, the time is controllable, in addition, because the crocodile park is remote, the taxi does not play the meter and even black cars, the price is super black.


About diet. Crocodile park is also not allowed to bring food and drink into, you can bring mineral water, in fact, tourists can bring some small food on the bottom of the bag, the inspection is not very strict, but out of the attitude of the animal responsible, I hope that tourists do not use their own diet to feed the animal, but also must put food packaging and other garbage into the trash can, so as not to spoil the animal. There are several restaurants in the scenic area, the price is not cheap, but the quality is much better than the happy world, 60 yuan per capita.


About tickets. You can refer to the official website to book the right package according to your itinerary. Children under 1 meter are free, but they are not strict when checking tickets, and there is no problem if they do not buy tickets for more than a little. If you buy multiple scenic packages, you need to enter your fingerprint at the ticket counter and enter the next park once again.


About the animals. If you think Crocodile Park is just a park, you're wrong. Crocodile park is a wetland as the characteristics of the park, the park has a variety of wetland animals, including wetland birds, reptiles, mammals, etc., mainly crocodiles, snakes, lizards, flamingos, peacocks, hippos, cormorants, etc., the most shocking is the super crocodile at the entrance.


About the itinerary. The animals in the crocodile Park can be seen in Chimelong Safari Park, if the schedule is tight, you can give up, but the crocodile park is still very worth visiting, time tourists should still take a look. It is recommended that you arrive at the crocodile Park between 9:30 and 10:00 in the morning, and the time required for the tour needs 2-4 hours according to your personal wishes, if you take a cursory look at 2 hours is enough, if you want to see a few more performances, participate in interactive activities, and look at the science popularization in detail, it will take 4 hours.


About the performance. Crocodile Park's performance arrangement is really in place, if the garden at 10:00 in the morning, you can not take the wrong way to see all the performances. Each performance is 30 minutes apart, and the performance lasts 25 minutes, just enough time for visitors to get from one performance venue to another. In addition, the performance of the crocodile park is particularly interactive, the trainer will hold lizards, snakes and other animals to the audience for children to observe closely, but also touch. The children are newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, almost all dare to touch, but many adults do not dare to touch. All the performances are wonderful and worth watching.


About the tour. The scenic spot can be said to be classic everywhere, you can see small animals anytime and anywhere, and there are many interactive projects, such as feeding swans, fishing crocodiles, feeding hippos, taking photos of parrots, and so on. Since the scenic spot is not large, tourists can first watch the animal show according to the scenic spot broadcast reminder, and then go back to visit the scenic spot in detail.


This article is based on experience