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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom play experience

2018-03-20 08:00:05

A few days ago I just went to Chimelong travel, summed up a few experiences would like to share with you. Because Chimelong has not been completely built, there are other projects under construction, and there are not too many play projects, so I think that only need to go with the group, there is no need to travel freely, and so on after the completion of the later project then free travel will be more cost-effective. First of all, when choosing a tour group, try to choose a relatively early departure, such as driving at 7 or 8, although it is relatively early but you can catch up on sleep in the car, so the problem is not big, more importantly, the earlier to the scenic spot the fewer people, you can give priority to play key projects, which will be mentioned later. Before setting out, it is important to understand that all Chimelong, including Hanxi Chimelong, are not allowed to bring food inside. Their reason is to prevent tourists from feeding animals (personally think this is the overlord clause, but because it is someone else's place, there is no way to do it...) Even if you bring food, they will check your bag before entering the attraction, so don't take any chances unless you can hide it very well! Of course, water and drinks can be brought in,PS: the price of food inside, a hot dog 20+, a box lunch 50... In addition, the park has water activities, it is recommended that friends who need to play with a raincoat and a set of clean clothes, because the project may get wet clothes, and the disposable raincoat bought inside needs 10 yuan a piece. After arriving at the scenic spot, there are two routes, divided into big friends and children's routes. The following is the map to get in the park: First of all, big friend route: Big friend is of course a priority to play exciting mobile projects, so as soon as you enter the park, you will fly to the right side of the rain forest and go directly to play "parrot roller coaster", this project is the most exciting project in the ocean kingdom, and you will definitely be asleep and energetic after playing! Then follow the perimeter route to the wonders of the ocean and visit the Whale Shark House: it is very beautiful with lots of beautiful fish and small large Marine fish such as whale sharks. Then explore the polar regions, visit cute polar bears and cute penguins, and then play the "iceberg Roller coaster" (when the raincoat comes in handy), if there is a white whale show immediately to visit. Then arrive at the colorful world, where there are game galleries and small games such as bumper cars, but there is no need to spend time playing items that can be played in other places. Continue on to the sea, where there are super whitewater (another wet event, so it's wise to bring a raincoat) and mountain dew sailing, and then see the sea lion show. If there is still time, you can return to the dolphin Bay on the right of the door to watch the dolphin show. In addition, there is a 5D movie theater under construction, and when it is completed, it should be a priority project. Then there is the children's route: because the children are relatively small, they do not play the "parrot roller coaster", and go directly to the whale shark House, where there is a submarine interactive ship that is suitable for children to play a small game. Then we will go to the beluga whale house, the polar bear house, and the penguin House to visit all kinds of lovely animals. After playing some children can play in the colorful world, and then to the sea and Dolphin Bay, here will not repeat the introduction. In addition, there are parade performances and musical fountains in the Hengqin Sea in the middle of 3 p.m., which is more suitable for friends who like to visit. In general, there are fewer maneuvering projects here, mainly based on the theme of the sea, mainly to visit, suitable for a family to play, very much the above experience can help everyone have fun.