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Chimelong Safari Park Guide

2018-03-04 06:24:00

Chimelong Xiangjiang Wildlife Park is characterized by large-scale wild animal population stocking and self-driving viewing. It integrates animal and plant protection, research, tourism viewing and popular science education. Here is a guide for friends who want to see the wild animals.


First of all, arrive at the Xiangjiang Wildlife Park before 10 o 'clock, there are two doors in the Xiangjiang Zoo, the south gate is a walking area, remember to take the program table, according to the program time to watch the program. About 3 o 'clock before you can watch the show and visit the area, and then back to the bus point to take the free train to visit the free range area. Schedule time to see the show and schedule fun trips. ps: Elephant show, white tiger show must not be missed.


The food in the zoo is expensive and tastes mediocre. Before playing, you can prepare snacks, bread and biscuits, especially water and drinks, and bring two stable ones.


Conditionally, you can drive yourself to visit the small train, the speed is faster, like a fleeting, the most important thing is not to stop. ps: The small train is taken by the elderly, or the family to play, the first time I went to the "mistake" on the small train, wasted a lot of time.


There are billboards in the park that show the time of the four major shows, each show has two periods, you miss one, and a second time. Worth seeing is the powerful white tiger show, followed by the elephant show, and then the bird show. ps: I really like the crocodile show. When I was studying, the school organized a group, followed the teacher to watch it, and there were free samples (now I guess not).


Because there are more trees in the play area, it is inevitable that there are a lot of mosquitoes, pay attention to mosquito prevention, bring some medicine oil and so on.


As for tickets, you can budget first, especially if you want to drive yourself and bring your children with you.


Friends who do not follow the group to the wildlife park can best choose to take the subway, get off at the exit E of Chimelong Hanxi Station on Line 3, and come out with free buses to sit in the major attractions of Chimelong.