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China travel guide

2018-02-19 00:00:00

It is one of the most inspiring sacred mountains in China. Thousands of years of birth of cypress and pine, so that workers in the bustling city slowly precipitate the heart, in which, always slow down. If you want to make your own wish, want to escape the noise, a good rest. This is the perfect guide.


You must have a hiking cane to share the hard work on your legs and feet. But generally in the ticket sales to buy good, one-time bamboo rod production 2-3 yuan good point tree roots production 5 yuan, if you want to stay as a memorial may wish to wait for the mountain after buying a peach cane 10-15 yuan


Need tools: backpack (inside to prepare enough water, about 3 bottles per person. Food with enough, with some bread, chicken feet ham and the like, can be appropriate to bring some apples and other fruits) The price of the mountain is a little high, some can reach 6 yuan a bottle of mineral water. If you choose to climb at night, you must take a flashlight, and if conditions permit, you can take a tent.


Charging bank (necessary), change, coins (can be used for wishing), sunshade hat, coat (can be used for cold protection at night), selfie stick,


The first stop of tourism, when is Dai Temple. An afternoon tour is optional, and there are many valuable artifacts that have survived from history. 1:00-6:00 PM You can have a rest inside when you are tired. Try not to buy items! Tickets are around 30. Discount for seniors over 60 and students.


After 6:00 PM, go to the underground supermarket at the gate of Dai Temple to prepare the necessary items and walk to Dai Zong Fang. Specific route general intelligence has a map, can be searched. Daizong Square walk north to the foot. Don't buy anything at this time. (There are many people climbing every day, and many people choose to climb at night, so don't worry about safety, but stay close to the crowd and bring a flashlight!) It's time to get ready for the climb.


Arrive at the ticket office, take care of your luggage, backpack. Show your valid ID when buying tickets. Ticket into the mountain, remind: although the inspection is not strong, but must not bring fire into the mountain! Remember. Climb up one by one according to the attractions above your ticket, do not browse carefully. Getting ready to stay up late is also a time to test your patience. Be careful when you get to the 18 plates, because it's steep. Rent a coat on the mountain, rent two, even if it is a big summer to rent, the temperature on the mountain is very low, but also to find a place to stay up late, basically slowly climb one or two o 'clock will reach the top of the mountain, rest, eat something. Around four o 'clock, prepare to see the sunrise, but do not climb too high on the stone wall, easy to occur danger.

Matters needing attention

1. Keep up with the crowd and look after your belongings.


2. Don't climb steep positions.


3. Don't shine your flashlight over the mountain at night, wait until the morning to watch the sunrise and then go down the mountain to appreciate it carefully.


4. Try to leave a good picture.


5. Make some recent wishes, and when they come true, don't forget to return to the mountain.


6. Don't take a break when you're tired.


7. Do not take photos of the pickers, respect others and make way for others in time.