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Choose different jewelry combinations for different situations

2018-04-05 08:00:42

Choose the most suitable jewelry to match in different situations, make yourself more beautiful and do not have to spend unnecessary


Different jewelry


White wayward star: who is white who wayward, this skin tone can control all kinds of jewelry color soft K gold platinum series, can set off a beautiful skin tone; Bright garnet tourmaline amethyst, is the best choice for such people; Not suitable for powder powder tourmaline, can not highlight the skin.


Yellow and white Venusians: white gold ornaments, ornaments, elegant and beautiful white gold ornaments, ornaments, are very appropriate, can increase elegant beauty. Green gemstones, light blue gemstones or colored ball jewelry, can set off the skin white and beautiful. But try not to choose red and yellow and other stones of the same color as the skin, which will make the skin appear dull. Green and purple gems will make the skin look attractive, such as olivine, amethyst, etc. Jewelry is made for Chinese fashion consumption


Red high cold queen: cool color exclusive, bright red skin, often give people a hot and dull feeling, should choose light cool color. The choice of light green, dark green and other colors of jewelry can highlight the vitality. With topaz, olivine and other color jewelry, will appear more bright and dazzling. However, it should not be decorated with red or purple colored gems or bright blue gems, so as not to make the face purple. Garnet, amethyst, and red tourmaline will make the skin appear redder, and the beauty of the stone itself will be greatly reduced.


Dark skin color vitality baby: Sparkling big stone cold, vibrant beauty suitable for wearing gorgeous colored jewelry, or rough style of carved jewelry, tea crystal, topaz and other intermediate tone gems, fade skin tone. Jewelry that closely matches your skin tone can also bring out a cool, majestic beauty. Very bright gems, can make dull skin appear bright, more energetic. It is not suitable to wear white or pink gems, so as not to contrast strongly and make the skin appear dark against the gem.


Round face This face shape gives the impression of small, but visually lacks a certain outline. The best choice is a streamlined pendant with a longer necklace that naturally forms a U or V shape across the chest.


Square face This face shape will generally give people a serious and stubborn feeling, should be paired with oval, water drop shaped jewelry, or vertical longer than horizontal jewelry. Necklaces with pendants or longer than the collarbone, curved, lively flower and bird patterns of the chest are more suitable.


Diamond face This face shape is easy to give people the feeling of indifference and lofty, speed matching pendants are simple but bright jewelry, choose water drop shape, chestnut shape and other "lower edge is greater than the upper edge" pendants, or wear a delicate U-shaped necklace.


Triangular face This face shape gives a sense of elegance and elegance, necklaces should focus on thin and short styles, choose to wear "lower edge is greater than the upper edge" jewelry, such as water drop type or pear shaped pendants, to weaken the lower narrower impression.


Short hand bride, do not choose too complex style in the choice of wedding ring, it is best to choose simple classic single diamond wedding ring, of course, single diamond should also consider the size of the diamond, it is best to more than 60 points, so as to avoid your hand shortcomings, distribute your elegant temperament.


The hand petite bride, most of them have the feeling of the girl next door, is more suitable for exquisite and beautiful diamond ring, mainly highlighting the style of the girl, exquisite and beautiful enough, the diamond ring does not have to have too much complex decoration, highlighting the simple design of the main diamond, plus a few broken diamonds is enough to highlight the sense of small jasper!


Thin hand bride, you can choose a slightly more complex style of broken diamond group inset diamond ring, both elegant and not identity, although the main diamond score should not be too large, but the surrounding small diamond will also let you in the scenery between the infinite, blooming Yao people wonderful!

Matters needing attention

Need to choose according to their own economic situation