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Chrysanthemum Island self-help travel guide

2018-03-07 08:00:00

Although Juhua Island is an ordinary island, but because the clouds and clouds disappear, the waves of light and appear faintly, like a fairyland, giving people a "mountain in the void" sense of detachment. However, Chrysanthemum Island is not the "Yingzhou" which can only be imagined but not visited in person. Starting from Xingcheng Seaside, it only takes 50 minutes by boat to reach this "sea fairy mountain"...

Tips, shopping, transportation, climate, food, precautions

Juhwa Island is located about 10 kilometers from Heungnam and 9 kilometers from the beach. From Xingcheng city (near the railway station) to the Milu Island transportation terminal 15 yuan/car (5-7 people), there are 7 boats to Juhua Island. Generally in the peak season (June - September) every day from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., there is a boat return every hour, about 50 minutes along the 6.8 kilometers, is the best time to enjoy the sea scenery. Island traffic After the island does not have to worry about traffic, you can take the sightseeing bus around the island or the donkey car on the island to walk a circle. Cars are only allowed to travel clockwise around the island, around the island a week of about 25 kilometers, takes two hours, each car has a guide to explain. It takes four hours to walk around the island, and you can find many unexplored places to enjoy pure natural scenery and sea breezes. Tour bus route around the island: Car yard - Bajiaojing - Big Dragon Palace Temple - nine top stone - Bath - strange stone beach - Dragon neck Ming


Dai Liangcao Daying legacy - Car park Juhua Island round-trip ferry ticket 65 yuan (valid within 10 days), tour bus ticket 25 yuan, scenic spot ticket 40 yuan (including Dalong Temple 30 yuan, odd stone Beach 10 yuan). It comes to 130 yuan. Chrysanthemum Island is rich in seafood, sea crab, spoonbark shrimp, mixed clams, conch, sea cucumber, jellyfish quality and fresh taste, has a long reputation. Seafood is the favorite food of every visitor to the island. Tourists buy seafood products such as sea crabs, skin shrimp, and live fish from fishermen on the island, and come back to the farmer's hotel to do it, or to the front stall for tourists to process seafood to steam, and then savor the beauty of seafood, that feeling is usually rare. Travel tips Chrysanthemum Island has a road around the island, another section of the road for the gravel road, the tourist season has a bus tour around the island, the highest mountain on the island about


190 meters. Motor vehicles are only allowed to travel clockwise around the island, scenic spot tickets 5 yuan/person, about 25 kilometers a week around the island. The whole island belongs to Juhua Island Township, divided into North village and South village, subordinate to 8 tuntans, the whole island to fishing, a small amount of crops and tourism as the main source of living, most of the island residents have Wells, water quality is general. The roundabout of Chrysanthemum Island has many sandy beaches, but they are mixed with bits of gravel and shells. At the end of June, the sea temperature is moderate, can find wild swimming places around the island, but the island is not much fresh water, residents can not take a bath, in the Chrysanthemum Island pier has seen a bath brand, but the price is unknown. During the tourist season, Xingcheng Pier and Juhua Island Pier have two to three boat trips every day on weekends, and the round-trip ferry ticket is 30 to 40 yuan/person. It is said that in winter, there is only one boat a day, and in the coldest month, the sea will freeze, and people can walk 9 kilometers of ice between the two places. END