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Classification of military ranks

2018-03-23 14:24:19

Watching the TV series, completely unaware of the grade marked by the armband, now share with you.


One star is a second lieutenant, two stars is a lieutenant and three stars is a captain


One star in two bars is a major in two bars, two stars are a lieutenant colonel in two bars, three stars are a colonel in two bars, four stars are a major


A golden olive branch with one gold star is a Major general A golden olive branch with two gold stars is a lieutenant General A golden olive branch with three gold stars is a general


Deputy major military region: Lieutenant General, Major General; Military posts: Major General, Lieutenant General; Deputy military posts: Major General, colonel; Full division: Senior colonel, Major General; Deputy division (brigade) : Colonel, senior colonel; Regiment post (deputy brigade post) : Colonel, lieutenant colonel; Lieutenant Colonel, Major; Regular battalion posts: Major, lieutenant colonel; Deputy battalion posts: Captain, Major; Full company: Captain, lieutenant; Deputy company: Lieutenant, Captain;