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Climbing tour guide

2018-02-19 03:12:00

It can be described as the respect of the five mountains, there is the reputation of the first mountain in the world, every year many tourists will choose to climb to worship, climb up or more effort, but when you reach the top of the moment feel how much hard is worth it. Today, I share my experience of climbing twice.






First of all, climbing is a thing that needs planning, and tourists with good physical strength generally need about 4 hours from the beginning to climb to the top, so we should ensure sufficient sleep before climbing. The day before the climb, book a room nearby and have a good night's sleep. Because you need to get up very early to see the sunrise at the top of the mountain.


There are a lot of cars to the foot of the mountain, but to the foot of the mountain need to walk a way to reach the ticket gate, this section of the road we need to buy some items needed for climbing. Basically indispensable is the trekking pole, some professional tourists will bring their own trekking pole, if not prepared, there are a lot of selling at the foot of the mountain about 2 yuan a kind of bead can, the author did not buy the first time, climbing tired not, then take the cable car up, the second time prepared the trekking pole, climb up to feel much easier. In addition, you must bring less things, do not have to eat and drink too much back, because the mountain road is very long will consume you too much physical strength, in fact, on the way to eat too much.


So you can take less food, take some water, generally every other distance will have to sell water, there is no need to take too much from the mountain, take some pure water and functional drinks are better, the red bull on the mountain is very hot, especially easy to sweat, all the way to the mountain will sweat a lot, if it is essential to climb at night with a flashlight.


Climbing is a very physical thing, and 18 disks are more dangerous and steep, do a good companion, safety and fun. After walking a distance to the ticket booth, the general ticket office a lot of people queued up, so it is best to take out your relevant documents and money, do not look for things in the crowd pocket. There were also a lot of people taking photos at the ticket office. There will be a map on the ticket, and you can also plan your route according to the map.


Climb during the day if the weather is hot or more hard, the author is afraid of the first time during the day, the second time is to climb at night, feel a little easier to climb up at night, not so hot, and the spring night in the mountains, cool breeze feel refreshing, that is, will not see some scenery along the way, will feel very cold when approaching the top of the mountain.


There will be many places along the way to pray for blessings, many tourists will write down their good wishes, hanging on the tree, hoping to make their dreams come true, pray for themselves and their families, the tree is full of tourists' wishes, it looks very spectacular.


On the top of course to see the sunrise, about two o 'clock in the morning to see the sunrise, because the mountain is particularly cold, the evening tourists will put on a military coat (there is a rental military coat on the mountain), you will find that there are people everywhere, one by one lying on the ground, sometimes there is no corner of the ground, because the mountain wind, cold, climbing and tired, everyone does not care about the image. There are many places to see the sunrise, experienced tourists will choose the best viewing point, and then follow the crowd to go, where there are many people is the best place to watch, where there are few people, it is best not to go, it is not safe in the dark. Everyone will be there waiting to see the sunrise and the sea of clouds, when the mountain and the sky are connected like gods, all the hard work is worth it.