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Clothing color matching method

2018-03-15 01:36:00

Clothing color matching method


First, the appearance of the face with the garden of spring can not be closed, an affair out of the wall, late spring and early summer, it is the color of the season. Colorful, flowers are also lively, people are also unrestrained, late spring "color girl", beautiful show out. How to fly in the color of a branch? Any talent in the ten zhang soft red characteristics of the star, the lead? Cutting-edge colors, can be so with —————— gray - white, rust, pink, purple, dark. Navy blue -- white, navy blue, camel, beige, Crimson purple, Dark brown, Dark rust Navy blue -- white, rust, medium gray, light yellow, brown yellow, orange, Blood, golden, beige charcoal gray -- white, pink blood dark brown -- white, navy blue, light blue, crimson purple beige -- navy blue, Dark blue black - black, white, gray camel - blue, light yellow gray - rust color, purple if you want to reach the best bad results may go to buy a color plate to match! (* ^ - ^ *)


The exercise of the two kinds of color perception can not only correct, the dress is not enough, but also exaggerate and highlight your benefits. If the skeleton is light on the bottom, it is appropriate to use dark light and soft fabrics to make skirts or pants, in order to weaken the thickness of the lower limbs. The body of a tall and full woman, in the selection of clothing, also? Use dark colors. This order works for most people, unless you have a perfect body and don't need to dress up in it. Some MM always think that the more color piled up, the more "rich and colorful". All five colors in one, all over the body, inlaid with gold and hung silver, really bad results and not good. The beauty of clothing is not beautiful, not because of the high value, the key is that the accessories are decent. The combination of the number of years, the status, the season and the customs and habits of the situation, and more seriously, the consistency of the color of the mixed body, has obtained the complete evil results of mediation. "Color is not much, mediation is beautiful", the correct color matching method should be to pick one or two series of faces, as the main color, swallow a large area of clothing, and other small amounts of faces as a supplement, as a contrast, lining or used to decorate the costume parts, such as collars, belts, scarves, etc., in order to achieve a variety of the same mediation. In general, the color collocation of the costume is divided into two categories, one is the mediation color collocation, the other is the contrast color collocation. Contrast color collocation is divided into: 1, strong color matching: refers to two far apart face, such as: yellow and purple, blood color and turquoise, this color contrast is strong. In daily life, we often see the combination of black, white and gray with other colors. Black, white and gray are colorless, so no matter what kind of color they match, they will not create a big problem. Generally speaking, if the same color is matched with white, it will appear bright; It looks dull when paired with dark colors. Therefore, when holding clothing color matching, you should first measure which limitation of clothing you are trying to highlight. Do not match colors, such as dark brown, dark purple and dark colors, which will reflect the evil result of "stealing color" with dark colors, so that the entire costume is not, and the complete interpretation of the costume will appear very heavy, dark and colorless. Black and yellow are the most eye-catching combinations. The collocation of blood color and dark color, extra solemn, but without losing the charm of oh ~ 2, complementary color matching: refers to the matching of two relative faces, such as: red and green, green and orange, black and white, complementary color matching can cause a clear contrast, sometimes will receive better bad results. Mismatch is a long-term classic. Mediation color matching is divided into: 1, the same color matching track refers to the shade, the difference between two kinds of the same type of face, : green with sky blue, tea green with light green, coffee with beige, dark red with light red, etc., the same color matching costume appears soft. Pink blood color matching, so that the specific person looks soft a lot ~ 2, similar color matching: refers to the two contrast close to the face, such as: Blood and orange-red or purple matching, yellow and grass green or orange-yellow matching, not everyone wearing green can wear decent, green and bright yellow collocation, giving a person a very spring feeling, completely feel extra elegant, static ~~ lady taste inadvertently flow reflected. According to the above color matching order, we can choose the color of our dress according to our skin color, temperament, characteristics, and characteristics of doing things, and use the most conciliatory color to dress ourselves. The lively position of women wearing women's wear is that the low color can make the people who are employed look at it intently, calmly fix various problems, and create a lonely air. The situation of women's wear is mostly in the indoor, limited space, people always aspire to obtain more personal space, wearing low-purity color will supplement the interval between people, reduce the sense of congestion. The color of low purity is more convenient to mediate with other colors, which adds a sense of proximity between people and mediation, thus helping to create a form of partnership and unity. In addition, it can deceive the characteristics of low-purity colors that are easy to match, and the limited clothing can be matched with a strong combination. At the same time, low purity gives people a sense of comity, magnanimity and maturity, and by borrowing this color language, women are more likely to be valued and trusted by others.


Three, color matching track 1. White matching track white can be matched with any face, but to match the mystery, but also need to spend some calculation mood. A light yellow blouse with stripes under white is the best combination of soft colors; Wearing ivory trousers below, wearing a lavender suit, with a pure white shirt, is a winning color, can freely express their own characteristics; Pairing ivory pants with a light-colored casual shirt is also a winning combination; The white pleated skirt and light pink blood sweater give people a gentle feeling. Red waste is a daring connection. Dressed in a white casual shirt, wearing a blood-colored narrow skirt, it appears close and easy. In sharp contrast, the heavier the white, the softer it looks. 2. The blue matching track is in all the faces, the blue dress is the most convenient to match with other faces. Not similar to dark blue, or dark blue, are convenient to compare and match, and blue has the evil result of tightening the skeleton, very attractive. Quick blue with blood color, make people appear charming, beautiful, but should be heart blue and red proportion. Similar dark blue fit coat, with a white shirt, and then tie a bow tie, to participate in some formal scenes, will make people appear strange and not yet unrestrained. A curvy blue dress with a knee-length blue skirt, decorated with a white shirt, white socks, and white shoes, will reveal a light and charming smell. Wearing a blue coat and a blue vest, the bottom body with pinstripe gray pants, reflecting a simple and elegant style. Because the fine stripes of the masterpiece can soften the strong contrast between blue and gray and expand the elegant temperament. A blue coat with a gray pleated skirt is a slightly old-fashioned combination, but this combination with a wine-colored shirt and plaid socks reflects a kind of self-identity, which becomes bright. Blue and lavender cover match, give a mysterious feeling. A blue dress with a white shirt is an extra touch of regular makeup. If you can wear an elegant lavender coat, it will add a bit of mature city flavor. Wearing a lilac sweater on the top and a dark blue narrow skirt on the bottom, even if there is no fancy pattern, it can also reflect the mature charm in the course of the flow. 3. The brown matching rail is matched with white, giving people a pure feeling. Golden brown knee-length round skirt with large collar shirt, can reflect the charm of short skirt, expand elegant smell. Using the old-fashioned and elegant chestnut fabric to make a coat, with blood sweater, blood scarf, showing the agile, beautiful. Brown sweater with brown plaid pants, can reflect fine and sophisticated. Thick brown sweater with brown cotton skirt, through the texture difference between the two, elucidates the unique characteristics of the wearer. 4. Black collocation track is black is a matching color, no matter what color together, the city has a different style, and beige collocation is no exception! At present, when shopping on weekends, the top can still be the black printed T-shirt in summer, the bottom will be changed into a beige cotton knee-length A-line skirt containing Lycra, and the feet will be worn on the flat casual shoes with white color stripes, which looks extremely satisfied and is enough to smell the sun. In fact, do not wear a skirt can also change into a beige cotton casual pants, it is best to low-waist micro-horn pants, feet or the pair of casual shoes, has been avant-garde, youth. 5. Beige matching track with beige to wear a careful taste, it is not difficult. A light beige turtleneck short-sleeved sweater, with a pair of black pants, put on shining black pointed heel shoes, will be a woman's professional feeling is enough to stop. For a smart, powerful look, opt for a dark striped suit and dress with a beige upscale handbag for a classy yet feminine look. Many female partners love to watch Korean dramas, where the women wear enough urban fashion, which is a hundred times more beautiful than the pure and connected plot and slow plot. See more, how many can sum up some of the characteristics of Han Mei dressing and makeup: subtle and elegant, bright but not noticeable. In either soft or strong colors, beige is the color commonly used by fashion girls. In today's fashion, beige has become the evergreen color of workplace dress because of its simplicity and intellectual beauty. Compared with white, beige is a little more warm and elegant, not exaggerated; Compared with black, beige is clean and soft, not too dignified. In the search for pure abandonment of complexity in the tide of fashion, beige with its clean and elegant smell and rigorous modern workplace air suitable. To wear the best results of any kind of face, it is necessary to match, and beige is no exception. The color also represents the difference of interest, to see if your dress and your temperament match the "inside" it? Red: sports action, close, heroic, love, strong, rough orange: rich, another day, friendship, haolang, positive Yellow: dexterity, glory, loyalty, ambition, joy, sunny green: fair, of course, gentle, happy, rational, children Blue: believe, long, truth, exact, quiet, quiet Purple: Magnate, admiration, excellence, elegance, confidence, odd black: strange, lonely, dark, pressure, strict, flame white: holy, innocent, selfless, simple, calm, loyal