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Cloud How to download video files?

2018-03-17 16:00:00

There is a question that I want to ask you, what is the app that is absolutely indispensable for watching dramas and catching up on dramas? Tell me the answer out loud! Yes, it is -- some cloud. It was great to watch the show, but without Wifi, the video wouldn't work. So this experience tells you how to download large and small video files in the cloud, let's take a look!




The first step is open, start the cloud app and enter the main interface to find the video you need to download.


After selecting the video file, long press and then click Download in the bottom left corner, select Smooth from the Please Select Video Definition box that pops up (the original art is OK, but it takes up a lot of memory), and then click OK.


Then we click on the Transfer list option at the top right of the main screen, ready to view the download progress of the video.


The Transfer list page is displayed. You can view the downloaded and transferred videos. But there is a problem that has to be said here, as shown in the picture, which is waiting for WIFI transmission. If you pause the download and then disconnect the wireless network to switch to mobile data, it will not use traffic under, how to solve this problem?


In the bottom group, click -- More to go to the More screen and select -- Set options. (as shown)


Enter the Settings screen and drag the hover ball that only uploads/downloads in the WIFI environment to close to successfully switch the traffic download. How's that? Cloud download video, you get it?

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