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College students all major social software to know girls evaluation

2018-03-18 14:24:40

Let's start with the software evaluation:


1, Tantan this software is actually a very good software if you are a fashionable student or a relatively high value student (either rich or have a face or a body), then Tantan is nothing but the most suitable social software for you. On Tantan, you can easily recognize some girls with high scores in other universities (of course, if you are in the third and fourth tier cities). Don't use Tantan, it's useless) because Tantan is a double match, so pairing actually represents the base attraction and it's best to move to it quickly after you're paired and you can use the classic "This is not commonly used, sent" to move up Tantan is actually eating a presentation surface and if you don't have a good presentation surface don't use Tantan, It doesn't work. Why doesn't it work? You open Tanner Tanner, look at the other men on it, find out how handsome and rich your competition is, and you'll see why


2, Momo before the Tantan, Momo is an artifact (or the artifact of people who show face) and Tantan, eat a display surface, but the entry standard of Momo is higher than Tantan, if you want to play Tantan, you only need to be a 6 points man, but if you want to play Momo, You must be at least an 8 points man Momo due to its own characteristics (based on geographical location to make friends), so there is no benefit for students to use it (because you will find that the students who use Momo will basically choose stealth), that is to say, If you open Momo at school, you will only see a bunch of male losers and a few girls selling shoes, so students who are still using Momo should move to Tantan. But as I said before, Momo and Tantan are both for display, so if your display is not good, in fact, these two social media apps are standalone versions for you


3, Renren Renren is a very regrettable software before Renren fell (a year ago) has been circulating a very classic sentence "to classmates, to find everyone", but now, Renren has fallen into this sentence has become "to find a purchase, "Renren" used to be an unrivaled and efficient number collection tool and it mainly eats the number of your friends and mutual friends on the presentation of the requirements are not big, but now there is no egg to use after all, not many girls on Renren


4, Super schedule I only have two words for this software: hehe if your goal is 0 to 3 girls then you can find your destiny in the super schedule I once sent a campus news in the Super schedule and received more than 20 private messages in the next day Yes, more than 20 girls from 0 to 3 said hi to me and I uninstalled the software


5, nearby people nearby people this function can be cut off long ago only SB will delusions through the nearby people to add a lot of girls, 100 girls have 1 in the boring time to open nearby people is already very good, so don't think through this channel to know the girl


6, some other bullshit software that I've never heard of and you can imagine in your head that a lot of girls have heard of? A lot of girls use it? So what's the use of it if not many girls use it?


Summary: If you want to pick up girls on campus by showing faces, recommend: Tantan wanted to pick up girls on campus without showing faces a year ago, recommend: Everyone now wants to pick up girls on campus without showing faces, recommend: Street display surface is a very important thing, do not think to escape, do not think not through the display surface to a lot of girls can not through the display surface to the girl? There are a lot of people on campus who can do it without using social software and they can use their social circle, they can show their advantages through offline performance but this method is inefficient if you want to meet 50 girls in a year then you can definitely meet that number of girls through college social circle but if you want to meet efficiently in a year Meet 500 girls then you need to do your presentation Why can some people get a girl without a presentation? Because they can communicate with a girl in 200 sentences to show their advantages in the offline communication so what is the use of the presentation? A presence is a way to show off your strengths to 1,000 girls in an instant without saying a word in an online conversation