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Common causes of Alaskan laxity

2018-03-20 06:24:37

Indigestion This is the most common cause of diarrhea, especially in small Alaska under the age of half a year, simple indigestion is also called runny stool. 1: Change food small Alaska's stomach is very delicate, because the digestive system is very delicate, but also lack a lot of digestive enzymes, in the dog under three months when eating canned or simple meat is very easy to cause indigestion. If he doesn't digest it well, he'll have diarrhea, and if he doesn't, he'll get more and more runny and dehydrated, which can be dangerous. So you cat parents, please be sure to treat the situation of the little guy carefully, in the premise that there is no disease (family environment and food can ensure health, the dog is also immune), stop feeding canned food and meat and other bad digestion of food, feed two pieces of milk, two or three times a day, so that one day time will be effective.


In addition, in this case you can also try "mommy love" (multidimensional lactobacillus powder, medicine is available, is for babies to eat.) Use a small, powdered mixture at a time in dog food or feed it directly after dissolution, 2 times a day, and the effect is the same as using milk enzyme. There are "whole intestines" also have this effect, choose one of the three you find convenient. If you need to control the diet, you can be hungry for about 1 day, and after each meal do not feed too full, so that her stomach and intestines first regulate the diarrhea of this situation do not stress, focus on regulation.


2: During the cooling season, the temperature alternates, and many Alaska are prone to diarrhea. Generally speaking, as long as its spirit and appetite are no different, it can be considered that the weather suddenly changes and the reason for cold leads to diarrhea, and it is necessary to properly keep Alaska warm and regulate his digestion. 3: The parasite needs to take medicine to fight the worm, it is best to go to the hospital to do a stool test, and then targeted medication. In addition, because of the diarrhea caused by parasites, blood may be seen in the BB, in turn, if you see such a BB, it is best to test to determine. It is recommended to deworm once every three months to completely eliminate the occurrence of this phenomenon! Alaska diarrhea is the most important thing to pay attention to observe his mental state and appetite, if there is no difference to give him to adjust the stomach on it, if there is fever and poor mental performance should be inflammation, can refer to the above treatment of enteritis or to the hospital to check treatment.

Matters needing attention

4: The symptoms of enteritis are that in addition to diarrhea, Alaska's mental state is not good, and the temperature is increased. In this case, the symptoms of Alaska and dog infectious enteritis (distemper) are very similar, and after determining that Alaska has been immunized, it can be treated according to the following methods, otherwise please go to the hospital as soon as possible to check the diagnosis. Gentamicin injection can be taken orally. The common medicine is 80,000 units of two milliliters, and you drink 20,000 units each time, twice a day. It should be noted that after taking Qing for more than half an hour, Alaska needs to feed some digestive AIDS of live fungi, such as milk enzyme, mommy love, etc., to help the cat recover the ability to digest. You can also go to medicine to buy "Smecta" to Alaska to stop diarrhea, and Qing Da is different is that it is using physical methods to take the bacteria out of the body.