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Cotton chocolate ball

2018-04-13 04:48:37

Ingredients: Butter 150g brown sugar 50g caster sugar 50g accessories: whole egg 1 cake powder 260g cocoa powder 25g baking powder 1/2t Seasoning: vanilla extract 1/2t marshmallow amount of water drop chocolate amount of cotton chocolate ball Detailed steps 1. 260g cake flour + 25g cocoa powder + 1/2t baking powder → Mix and sift twice for later use; 50g brown sugar through coarse sieve to remove caking; 2. Soften 150g butter + 50g brown sugar + 50g caster sugar → Mix and beat → Add 1 broken egg in 2 batches → Beat well → Add 1/2t vanilla extract → Add 1 medium sifted powder → Gently mix well; 3. Take a small piece of dough → gently flatten 4. Wrap in marshmallows and drop chocolate → Gently roll into a ball → 190 degrees, 5. Upper-middle level, 15 minutes or so.