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Count down the summer and escape the heat

2018-01-13 17:36:00

This June, the Dragon Boat Festival small holiday is coming again, the same June is the summer gradually hot up, may wish to find a good place in the Dragon Boat Festival holiday summer, through the way to reduce the body and the heart of anger, and then quietly, enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival belongs to your own cool and pleasant.

Count down the summer and escape the heat

In addition to the reputation of "Emei world show", it is also known for its coolness. Its forest coverage reaches more than 95%, and the negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of air are as high as 10 to 1 million, which is 500 to 5,000 times that of the city.


Tai National Forest Park "One calendar four seasons, ten different days." It is the climate dividing line between the north and the south of China, especially rare in the world of Quaternary glacial relics, known as the "North-South boundary of China, the watershed of China".


One of the four summer resorts of Lushan Mountain, in the city, east of the lake, north of the Yangtze River, popular water, pleasant climate, the average temperature in July is only 22.6 degrees Celsius, top-down there is "Kuanglu waterfall reputation all over the world."


Jigong Mountain, one of the four summer resorts, is located in the low mountain and hilly scenery, is the summer resort developed at the beginning of this century. The mountains are green and beautiful, the sea of clouds, waterfalls, and fountains make Jigong Mountain "June such as frost" and "whole body prickly heat disappear overnight".


Moganshan one of the four summer resorts, in the county, 60 kilometers away, not only beautiful scenery, cool and pleasant, but also green bamboo mountains, surging flow, known as "cool world" said.


A small island in the mountain Scenic area, with blue sea and blue sky and strange scenery, is known as the "first seamount". In addition to the cool sea breeze, there are many Buddhist scenic spots.


Tianmu Mountain is located in the north of the county, the mountains are high, the rocks are towering, the scenery is pleasant, the average temperature in summer is 25 degrees Celsius, to this summer travel, you can appreciate the artistic conception of "deep in the June mountains, light wind and cool clothes".


Located in the city, it has both Hengyue clouds, Kuanglu waterfalls, Huashan precipitous, the mountain climate is pleasant, especially in the cloud Valley Temple, Songgu nunnies and other places for the best, bamboo such as the sea, the environment is quiet.


Wuyi Mountain scenic area has nine songs, thirty-six peaks, seventy-two views, 108 holes of the strange, in the summer, the mountain outside the heat, the mountain has "listening to the sound of water really lively, full to see the mountain from the cool" feeling.


The mountain is the head of China's four major Buddhists, and is also known as the "cool world", known as the "roof of North China", with an average temperature of less than 20 degrees Celsius in summer.


It is the first of China's "five mountains" and has the reputation of "the first mountain in the world", also known as the East Mountain, one of the most beautiful and impressive ten mountains in China.


Yulong Snow Mountain Yulong Snow Mountain is a subtropical extremely high mountain, from the foot of the valley to the summit with subtropical, temperate to cold zone complete vertical natural landscape. The snow mountain is rich in natural tourism, and the landscape can be roughly divided into snow, glacier landscape, alpine meadow landscape, primitive forest landscape, snow mountain water landscape, etc.


Jiuhua Mountain and the same vein, mountain streams, waterfalls, strange rocks, ancient caves, pines, bamboo, for one of the four major Buddhism in China, visitors in the mountains, cool wind, body refreshing.


Near the Yellow Sea, seamount adjacent, magnificent beautiful, pleasant climate, quiet environment, there are "nine palaces, eight views, seventy-two nunneries", as well as beach, is a good place to summer.


Mountains have been Chinese history and culture since ancient times. In 106 BC, Liu Che, Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty, landed on the mountain and was given the title "". Daoists listed it as the 14th cave heaven and the 57th Blessed land; Sanzu Temple is one of the birthplaces of Zen Buddhism. The mountain is also known as Anhui Mountain, and the province is referred to as "Anhui" from this. END