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Counter combat encirclement and suppression combat skills with detailed introduction

2018-02-22 22:24:00

Encirclement war game mode how to play in order to pass more smoothly? Let's take a look at it after work. I hope you enjoy it.


Skill selection: Skill assembly there are four skills, you can choose to assemble the booster needle + quick cartridge change; Only three bars are fitted with a heart booster or a quick Q-hand.


Choice of weapons: it is best to use B guns (it is recommended that you use AK, which is more powerful and the speed of action is relatively fast).


Pay attention to dropping supplies: when fighting monsters, supplies will constantly drop; Magazines and blood packs, +50 bullets per magazine; +50HP per blood pack; When your blood count is less than 50%, it's a lot weirder. Immediately run to the place of blood pack to add blood, do not grab blood pack with teammates, see who has less blood, let teammates add first; Each blood pack and magazine will disappear after a period of time if it is not picked up.


The use of skills: When you have a lot of monsters around you, and there is no supply pack, this time, the role of skills is very big; Don't use skills carelessly, it can save your life at a critical moment, the CD time of the booster is 90 seconds, we should pay attention to the CD time after use. Avoid being miserable when the CD time is not up at the critical moment.


1 -- 6 levels of cooperation: the first six levels, basically without much pressure; Two people look at the gap, the other two look at the corner; Watch out for monsters climbing down the wall. Another thing to note is the type of monster; Are respectively, knife bandit, stick bandit, RPG, AK brother and self-explosion (special attention should be paid to gun bandit and self-explosion), the above four monsters appear first, generally play AK brother first (threat comparison, three shots each time, a shot off 9 blood) and then pay attention to is the self-explosion do not let the self-explosion in your side, once in your side explosion, direct second kill.


7-14 levels of cooperation: the seventh level everyone looks at a door. After the eighth pass, two men go to the gate, the other two to the lighthouse; Of the two men on this side of the gate, one looks at the exit on this side of the beanbag and the first door, and the other looks at the door and the first door.


The two men on the other side of the lighthouse, one looking at the fence and down the wall, the other looking at the exit behind him; If there are too many monsters on this side of the gate, you can run in a circle (be careful not to be surrounded), two people do not run together, run apart; See the self-explosion and AK brother to hit AK brother first; It's the same thing on the other side. As long as this is maintained, it can stick to 14 levels;

Matters needing attention

The above is the key to how to operate, if you feel that this experience is helpful to you, please give me a little support. You can also express your views below.


Personal opinion.


Play time should not be excessive, it will be harmful to health.