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Create photo studio level photo

2018-02-18 19:12:00

Most people think of the combination of multiple different photos according to a certain layout, in fact, sometimes a photo can also produce a multi-picture combination effect oh. Just need to adjust the color of the picture and use clever cutting, you can create a creative puzzle, and in the "" click the mouse can be done, quite simple oh! Just to share with you to create a studio level photo. I hope it was helpful.


Open the photo to be processed under the "" software, enter the" Beautify "menu, click on the" Photo Gallery "category, select the" Japanese "special effect, and adjust its transparency to 50% to appropriately reduce the color purity. Sukko


Then still under the "Gallery" category, select the 65% transparency "milk" effect, which can increase the light on the photo and create a hazy effect. As shown in the figure


Then select the "New Japanese" effect with 15% transparency to make the photo more fashionable, and then click the "Crop" button in the interface. As shown in the figure


After jumping to the clipping interface, select the size of the image and find the appropriate area for clipping, then click "Save as", save the clipping image for later use, and click the Undo button. As shown in the figure


Then continue to select the other half of the same size photo, find the appropriate location to crop, click Save as storage, and then click the "Uncrop" button. As shown in the figure


Next click the "Original" button to return to the original photo and select Crop the image


In the "Crop" screen, select the appropriate size of the crop, pay attention to this size is wider than the previous crop oh! Then click the "Finish Cropping" button. As shown in the figure


Then enter the "Puzzle" menu, click the "Picture stitching" mode, select horizontal composition, and set the size of the black border to 2. Then click "Add photo", put the two small pictures just saved in the appropriate position, click "Apply". As shown in the figure


Finally, we go to the "Border" menu, select a black minimalist border in the "Simple border" category, of course, you can also try other borders. Finally, click the "Apply" button, and you're done. As shown in the figure


Finally, take a look at the comparison. As shown in the figure