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Dagu iceberg, Pingtou Qiang Village sunshine snow and ice

2018-03-14 22:24:24

Dagu iceberg, Pingtou Qiang sunshine snow and ice, May Day happy tour is waving to you, come on, let me introduce to you, how to play the most money, how to go is the best line, the first day Yingxiu County 7:30 a.m. into the highway toll collection, distribution walkie talkie, car stickers, the leader explains the precautions. 8:00 The team starts from Dujiangyan and enters the territory, passes through Yingxiu, and views the impact of the 5.12 earthquake on the ecological environment of the Minjiang River basin, feels the determination of the strong people in the disaster area to rebuild their homes with the help of the construction province, and witnesses the scene of new houses springing up like bamboo shoots after rain. After lunch at 12 o 'clock, in the largest Qiang settlement in China, visit the AAAA ethnic village - [Pingtou Qiang Village], which is also a model village for new rural construction. Clear Bridges, wooden trestles, and independent Qiang family courtyards, with gray walls and white roofs and yellow mud and stone pieces, reveal the simple beauty of Qiang folk houses everywhere. Casual rattan chair teahouse, romantic rocking chair, vibrant plants, warm courtyard home, exquisite bonsai, gorgeous flowers, striking Qiang totem, all these make you feel like you are in the Sifang Street (tour time is not less than 1 hour). Arrive at the county hotel at about 5 p.m., and then have dinner, free activities after dinner. Pingtou Qiang Scenic Spot Dining with Dinner Accommodation Double Standard Room Accommodation Day 2 Dagu Ice Mountain Visit Dagu Iceberg Scenic Spot after breakfast, take the sightseeing car in the scenic spot along the way can visit [Golden Monkey Lake], enter the Tibetan customs experience area, visit [Upper, Middle and lower ancient Zangzhai] [Release Lake] [Red Army Lake], Enter the alpine pasture leisure area can visit [God cow Lake] [Dagu Lake]. After arriving at the ropeway station, take the world's first high-altitude sightseeing ropeway (Note: in the sightseeing ropeway, bird 's-eye view of [Dongcuo Sun and Moon Sea] [Glacier and cloud sea] [East] and other landscapes) to the hinterland of the glacier at an altitude of 4,860 meters, integrate into the empty and lonely ice and snow, watch [Glacier No. 1], feel the majestic spirit of sweeping the mountains and overlooking everything (tour time is not less than 5 hours). Back at the ropeway station, you can walk to [Waterfall], [Hongyun Slope] or embark on a pilgrimage to see the "mountain is a Buddha, Buddha is a mountain" [Logus Holy Mountain] and [Namu Lake]. After visiting the scenic area, guests can enjoy free activities in the county. Warm tips because there is no restaurant in the scenic spot, lunch by yourself; The evening deliberately does not include meals, giving guests the opportunity to taste the county's special food, taro cake, wine, black sausage, pig fat, hand-held meat, sauerkraut, steamed corn, corn steamed bun, etc. Dagu Iceberg Charming view of Dagu Iceberg Beautiful scenery of Dagu Iceberg Dining with breakfast Accommodation double standard room on the 3rd day after Dagu Iceberg breakfast, for the convenience of tourists, in the group, tourists can arrange their own itinerary, friends who want to return can follow the pilot car back to the city. Meals including breakfast accommodation no fee description Fees include 1, navigation service and car stickers, intercom. 2, Dagu iceberg tickets, sightseeing car, Pingtou Qiang Village tickets. 3, 2 Zheng2 morning (Li Shi Restaurant, Xingda rice, Jiudingshan International wine, dry training Hotel, County VIP Building and other tourist restaurants, dinner standard 30, 6 meat, 3 vegetables and 1 soup; Breakfast included in hotel). 4, double standard room accommodation: County VIP Building (located at the gate of Dagu Iceberg scenic area independent bathroom air conditioning color TV hot water) or dry training hotel, Shen Da wine, welcome hotel, Glacier holiday wine, etc. 1. Convenient facilities in the scenic spot: Dagu Iceberg ropeway (180 yuan/person), Pingtou Qiang Village sightseeing car 20 yuan. 2, drinks, tobacco, alcohol, oil tolls, etc., personal consumption of alcohol, free activities during the meal expenses. 3, the next day in the scenic area lunch (because there is no restaurant, please prepare your own).