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Decoration design analysis design color matching skills

2018-03-16 03:12:00

The same color can make people feel different. For office workers, most of the time is spent in a month, therefore, in the decoration design, the color collocation is particularly important.


The tone is uniform but not monotonous. You can't mix warm and cold in the same room. In the same tone, it is best to achieve rich layers, even if it is the same color, there should be a change in depth. The gradient of color will make people feel novel, not feel monotonous.


Space determines the tone. General old-fashioned office buildings, the area is not too large, but the house is very high, so you should choose a deeper color, dark color will make people feel contraction, not make people feel empty and cold. The new office building, usually the area is relatively large, but the house is not high, so it is necessary to choose a lighter color, light color will make people have a sense of expansion, comfortable and easy.


Choose warm colors for backlighting. Everyone likes spacious, bright, sunny, and some backlight, so rely on warm colors to compensate. Warm colors make people feel very warm and comfortable, but the wall must not use the color with strong reflective ability, otherwise it will cause the staff to cause eye fatigue due to light stimulation, no spirit, and invisibly reduce the work efficiency.