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Decoration tips do not look at regret, 4 decoration tips practical and save money

2018-03-15 00:00:01

To know that buying a house you want is a happy thing, but how to decorate your home in a beautiful and practical way without wasting money, that is a problem worth considering. Therefore, here is a special collection of 4 decoration tips for everyone, hoping to help.


1, wire, water Wire, water is also a big expense. It is precisely because of the "big expenditure", some people often do not pay much attention to quality, but only pay attention to price. As the saying goes, a penny of goods, blindly greedy cheap, quality is difficult to be guaranteed, wire, water if the quality is not up to standard, decoration will bring great inconvenience to life, and even become a security risk.


1, the floor tile is easy to wear, too low grade is generally not wear-resistant, a long time is easy to scratch, looks "scarred", your heart will regret it, at this time want to change, it will be a piece of chisel up, trouble! Secondly, too cheap floor tiles are mostly non-skid, easy to cause accidental injury. And high-end Anwar brand floor tile quality and quality are guaranteed, just look at the price of your heart will feel practical. Therefore, we wage earners listen well: buy floor tiles must not be greedy for cheap, sloppy.


3, with the development of home appliances, household appliances will be more and more, once there are new appliances but no socket, it is difficult to install, can only drag a mobile socket on the floor, how ugly is how ugly, but also easy to stumble. Secondly, try to avoid several appliances using a socket at the same time leading to overload and accidents. The correct approach is: according to the housing area, according to the design of professional electricians, and then comprehensive the actual number of household electrical appliances, reasonable placement of power sockets, and set aside some sockets to facilitate future expansion.


4, decoration "first, simply decorate it, and then decorate it when you have money in the future." Some wage earners because of economic reasons, in addition to the material can be saved, in the decoration project also "save". Some of the projects that should have been completed, they often put off until later. First of all, after moving into a new home, a few years later to decorate, will make a mess of the home again, very inconvenient. Moreover, those who have to carry out renovation projects if left to do later, it will inevitably affect the future work and life. Secondly, if these projects are not completed in time, if you want to do it again in the future, it may be because the project is too fragmented, it is difficult to invite construction teams, and even if they are invited, they will pay a high price, or they are not professional enough "casual workers". Such a delay, in fact, drag is a pile of trouble. Therefore, for those projects that must be completed, it is best to put them in place in one step, and do not leave a "tail".