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Den some experience

2018-02-19 01:36:00

Famous at home and abroad. This sentence is familiar to everyone, as the growth of the foot of me, familiar with her can not be familiar. Limited in length, I will give you a brief introduction to Deng a little experience, after all, like a treasure house, countless treasures can not be said one or two days, talk about a few points is to increase the fun of it.





A short walk up from the red gate is the stone Valley. This place must not be ignored, in fact, the whole journey to the West, is completely based on and the foot of the city to write, Shiyu is the Tang monk four people back to sun the place, only to see in person, in order to understand the true meaning of the journey to the West.


Must see more of the ancient trees. The earliest can have the Qin and Han dynasties, is the roadside these unknown ancient trees, you look at its exposed the ground of the jagged-shaped roots, you can also feel the vicissitudes of time, in front of them, how naive and small human beings appear.


There are specialty medicine and so on. There are mainly yellow essence of polygonum multiflorum and so on. The picture shows the yellow essence, which can be seen everywhere. After consumption, it can make the human body light and healthy, and prolong life. These are very precious and can only be seen in the world.


There are stone tablets that can be seen everywhere along the way, almost countless, each stone tablet is engraved with a deep history, if you carefully study it, no ten days is not finished. Therefore, the current policy of one vote for three days is to allow everyone to savor the culture.


There are many profound traces. This stone carving, most people do not understand what it means. Originally, this is the remaining part of the ancient traditional Chinese character Fengyue after removing the sides, meaning wind and moon boundless. There are many such profound relics. You can enjoy it.

Matters needing attention

Try not to go up the mountain in heavy rain.