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Design sense of explosive net wine

2018-03-12 20:48:00

As an international city, there are countless avant-garde design, wine is no exception, below for you to recommend a few excellent design wine, wine with a strong southern European decorative style, the structure is full of neoclassical intention.


Recommended stars: The most beautiful photo, neoclassical wine, "Mr. Love" shooting


Bulgari recommended stars: The world's top jewelry brands, furnished with hand-forged copper bar


Sanlitun CHAO Wine recommended stars: geometric line sense of luxury art wine, each room with a small bar


Huamando Houhai Wine (original VUE Houhai Wine) Recommended stars: The combination of old style and modern art, the roof can enjoy the whole Houhai


Recommended stars: Asia's most beautiful outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by greenery


Recommended stars: Award-winning Fine Art tasting wine, member of SLH Wine Alliance


The Opposite House recommended stars: Designed by Japanese giant Kengo Kuma, Beckham and Victoria have stayed

Matters needing attention

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