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Different cup bra purchase tips

2018-03-22 08:00:13

Now the bra on the market in addition to different sizes, according to the cup, is generally divided into 1/2 cup (half cup), 3/4 cup, 4/4 cup (full cup) bra, everyone should buy different cups according to their own chest type, because this can achieve a more beautiful, more comfortable effect. Choosing the right bra can fix the high point of the nipple peak in the right position, creating a three-dimensional bust curve. Don't think that the bra as long as the beauty is good, but the wrong choice will destroy the chest line oh, so you must know the choice of various bras. Here is a brief introduction to the different cup sizes suitable for the breast shape. Half cup (half cup) bra: The 1/2 cup bra is suitable for women with relatively small breasts, the size of the 1/2 cup bra is roughly half of the full cup, although the effect is not as good as other cups, it has a good supporting effect, and has a good correction function for breast sagging, and some 1/2 cup bras can remove the shoulder strap and become a bra without shoulder straps. It is more fashionable and beautiful to wear clothes with bare shoulders or back. 3/4 cup bra: 3/4 cup bra is suitable for women with slightly larger breast chassis and meaty rib side, because the 3/4 cup bra contains moderate effect and has good closing effect, which plays a very good role in modifying the chest shape, narrowing the distance between the two breasts and squeezing out charming cleavage. In fact, due to these features of the 3/4 cup bra, it is suitable for most women. Full cup bra: Full cup bra suitable for the chest of the woman, for the chest of the woman usually wear a full cup bra feeling is the most comfortable, will feel very natural, relaxed, no pressure. It has the effect of concentrating the chest, and it also has the effect of preventing sagging and lifting. Above, the drop full-cup bra is ergonomically designed to look like a drop, more in line with the physical characteristics of the chest. Hope to help you, I wish you more and more sexy, beautiful! ^_^