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Different skin types of skin whitening methods revealed

2018-03-15 08:00:27

How can you use so many expensive whitening products and still not see any results? Why do whitening products get worse the more you use them? My skin is pretty white, but the whiter it gets, the darker it gets? Why do the ladies have so many whys? Because it's the wrong way!


First, dry yellow skin misunderstanding: only hydrating and not locking water when there is insufficient water, skin metabolism deteriorates, cell activity slows down, similar to dry, sensitive, peeling, rough and other skin problems will follow. Moisturizing but can not retain water, water will quietly lose, the most fundamental is to lock the water in the skin. Go wrong: dry yellow skin out of the whitening mistake 1, immediately apply moisturizing products after washing your face. If you don't moisturize immediately after washing your face, your skin will become drier. Slightly wet skin is more conducive to the absorption of the product. 2, usually eat more foods containing vitamin C, can help melanin reduction, try to avoid irritating food. 3, while whitening, don't forget to moisturize, use toner to do water film. Only do whitening mask is not enough, whitening and moisturizing products are the most suitable combination, gentle and not stimulating, moisturizing essence is indispensable. Second, pale skin misunderstanding: the skin is already very white, do not need to use whitening products Pale skin to give people the impression is very sick, it is not beautiful white, why do not need whitening? 1, pale skin is more prone to allergies, so it is necessary to be especially careful about allergies when whitening. 2, pay attention to repair after sun. Before applying whitening products, be sure to apply post-sun repair products, and then use whitening products after skin recovery. Does it mean that directly applying whitening products will irritate the skin and cause redness? 3, choose the right whitening products for your skin type. Maintenance procedures are different for different skin types, and the ingredients of some products should be used with caution for sensitive skin. 4, we should do more facial massage to promote blood circulation, so that the skin shows a healthy state of white and red. Three, easy to spot type skin misunderstanding: do not abuse freckle products some people born skin is easier to spot, then because of personal physical problems, the general Yin deficiency internal heat constitution is more prone to endocrine disorders and easy to grow spots. If you blindly use the whitening product regardless of the ingredients because you want to quickly remove spots, it is likely to cause irreparable damage to your skin in order to achieve rapid results. 1, adjust their own endocrine is the first link, usually pay attention to light diet, avoid eating spicy food. 2, but also pay special attention to the problem of makeup removal, residual makeup after the sun will produce a chemical reaction, easy to form dark spots. 3, accurately understand the ingredients of whitening products, whitening effect to the best! 4, now fruit acid whitening products are very popular, but such products are best used at night to avoid the stimulation caused by ultraviolet light during the day. 4, natural wheat-colored skin type misunderstanding: only the pursuit of surface whitening, excessive pursuit of whitening regardless of sunscreen Many black beauties born with tan skin mistakenly think that their skin melanin, not easy to be damaged by the sun, this is a big mistake! In the face of ultraviolet skin is very fragile, most of the melanin is caused by ultraviolet rays in the sun, if you do not develop the habit of sunscreen, even if you apply many whitening products are useless. Get out of the mistake: 1, whitening products are not for girls with white skin, do not give up the inner deep whitening because of their natural skin black, there are many whitening products will make the skin look clearer and brighter. 2, pay attention to the sensitivity of whitening products. Some light-sensitive products are not suitable for use during the day. 3, Sun protection is a compulsory course every day, no matter what season. Ultraviolet light can not only make the skin dark, but also the main reason for skin aging.