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dnf Berserker/Hell Blood Demon/Emperor Blood Kill BUFF Perfect costume change

2018-03-14 04:48:27

How does dnf Berserker match its own change-over buff? How do dnf Berserker Origin Versions change? In fact, it is very simple, now I will bring you dnf Berserker BUFF perfect costume matching.


This experience is the first, do not reprint without my permission


DNF Berserker wants to deal high damage, so it needs to pile skill BUFF, Berserker needs to pile skill BUFF, up to level 20, so how do we pile? It's actually very simple.


In our choice of weapon, we can prioritize Kazan's Curse, which can be purchased through an auction house, or we can choose Cloud Cloud, which can only be obtained by dropping through the abyss.


In the choice of armor, we can wear supercontinental clothes and Neptune leg warmers, the remaining three pieces, we match the three pieces of Doom suit, character fashion, we can also choose to add 1 level of rage skills.


Jewelry We choose doom bracelets and necklaces, rings with high-tech rings;


For auxiliary equipment, we chose the all-class Nebel or the Throne, but since we chose Exosphere 6, we can only match the Exosphere Sorcerer's Stone, plus the holiday set of beads, and we can achieve the perfect costume.