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dnf read emperor, light soldier origin version add introduction.

2018-03-13 12:48:06

After the updated origin version of the dungeon and the warrior, there are some differences between the light soldier school point and the emperor school point of the female Qigong, and today I will bring you some schemes to introduce the point point.


Dungeons and warriors


First of all, let's look at the light soldier mixed genre plus program. The Light Blade revamp has fixed a 25% increase in skill attack for teammates. Although the point 1 can be mixed, but the light soldier also has to brush the picture, it is also full of points,


Sun breath: After the revision of the increased attack speed, casting speed and magic defense skills, you can increase speed and magic defense through skill levels and alien green skin, pro test change effective.


After the revision of the gas cover into the station pile skills, light soldiers because there is no need to output, so you can still use the original cover, station pile put cover to protect the main c, light soldiers will be full of skills.


Other skills are still in accordance with the point method before the revision, the light soldier tp point, the point is full of gas around because of the increase in the number of attacks, do not like it can also be replaced by the output skills such as thunder dragon.


The add-on method gives up the auxiliary cover ability and puts the excess sp points on some output skills. Cover the skill point front five and then point the extreme idea of the air cover, in some of the fatal damage boss can resist a good. Usually do not need to read emperor players can also not point.


In the big skills still abandoned the thunder palm, mainly output form ink and damage is not high. Point full of big lion roar, damage is enough to clear the small monster repair knife boss.


The excess tp points are given to the reading air surround in the Reading Emperor tp skill, and the damage of the reading air surround has been significantly improved after the revision.


The above is the origin of the version of light bing flow and Niandi flow with a little introduction.

Matters needing attention

The cover can still go the whole way.