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Do not "hole" panic, specific problems specific analysis

2018-03-21 08:00:34

With the growth of age, the hone of the years, the pores on the cheeks have become more and more large, some people say that this is the years left traces on our face, do all things can not beat the transfer of time? No, that's not true! Big S once said that there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women! So there are no problems that can't be solved, only problems that haven't been solved. So what is it about enlarged pores? And how to solve it? Do not "hole" panic, Xiaobian here with you. 1, the cause of large pores? The pore is the exit of hair, and the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands is transported to the skin surface through the pore, which has the effect of moisturizing the skin. The size of pores is directly proportional to the size of the sebaceous glands attached to them. When not cleaned properly, the sebum will accumulate a lot of impurities, oil and dead cells, then the pores will harden around the skin, making the skin rough and feel larger pores. In addition, when the connective tissue of the skin around the pores is relaxed and the support force is insufficient, the pores will sag into an oval shape, and the surrounding skin is uneven and coarse. In addition, long-term use of low-quality cosmetics and alkaline facial cleansers or beauty soaps is also one of the main reasons for enlarged pores. 2, how to solve the problem of coarse pores Healthy pores are difficult to see by the naked eye, it can be seen that many times are due to excessive oil secretion, external pollution, improper cleaning and other factors that lead to clogged pores, coarse, resulting in rough skin, and even breakouts. Therefore, controlling oil secretion and keeping hair follicles dredged is the key to solving these problems. 3, how to control oil secretion, keep hair follicles dredging the first step is clean, gently wash pores perfect skin from clean, start from clean, finally clean. In terms of cleaning, we should pay attention to the correct cleaning steps, to buy their own, pure natural, gentle facial cleanser, so as to effectively dissolve skin dirt, and do not hurt the skin. Like Xiangyi herbal, Hetian Zuo ah, these brands of skin care products I think is very good, take Hetian Zuo for example, it contains actin DSPC ingredient is extracted from the drug and food dual-use plant essence, so that the skin can solve its own problems, with full rest assured. The second step is hydrating and moisturizing care, adjusting the skin's water and oil balance after washing the face, it is necessary to slap some soothing moisturizing toner on the skin in time, which can make the pores shrink and reduce the skin's oil condition. If you have water or mineral water, the effect is even better, it contains minerals and trace elements can calm and soothe the skin while effectively astringent the skin. Then choose the right cream and cream, as long as the skin needs to make up the water can be. The third step is to exfoliate regularly to find the delicate and smooth feeling. Too much aging keratin will make the skin look dull. Properly and reasonably exfoliating can make the skin become more beautiful. When encountering this kind of problem, do not "hole" panic, to specific problems specific analysis, otherwise it will be confused, find the wrong way, resulting in more and more worse!