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Do not rebound weight loss tips Weight loss meal weight loss taboo

2018-04-11 17:36:58

For many fat people, losing weight is a very painful thing, the most terrible thing is: after a period of hard weight loss, and rebound back, then there is no pain, and efficient way to lose weight? What follows is my experience and lessons learned over the years.


As the saying goes, to lose weight, you should "shut up and move your legs." In other words, weight loss should start from eating and moving.


Eat first: There is now a very wrong way to lose weight, is to diet too much. For example, some people in order to lose weight, eat three meals a day very little, and even do not eat at night, this method, indeed, can let us slim down in a shorter time. There was a period of time, I also insisted on about three months, do not eat at night, lost 20 pounds, at that time was very complacent, thinking that they had lost weight successfully, and can eat normally in the future. As a result, in less than a month, after a normal meal, and gained 15 pounds, a night back to the front of the rush. Finally recognize: only by skipping meals to lose weight is not successful.


After consulting the information on the Internet, I adopted the following diet: in the morning: a cup of 500ml self-squeezed soy milk, plus two pieces of whole wheat bread; Noon: boiled radish, or boiled green vegetables, plus, boiled shrimp or boiled chicken breast; Evening: Boiled tofu, plus, a banana. This is my diet recipe, as for eating radish, one is because I love to eat, the other is that radish has a lot of benefits, ventilation... You can look up the specific, I will not list. PS: As for the online recommended weight loss to eat broccoli, I do not recommend, you can check, how many pesticides in broccoli, not clean at all, occasionally eat once or twice, long-term eat, think about it. It must be noted that the dish must not be fried and do not ingest oil. One of the main causes of obesity is too much oil.


Move again: Fat people are fat mainly because they are lazy. A period of concentrated exercise can indeed slim down, but after all, exercise is painful, and fat people are generally more unbearable, and not everyone can permanently adhere to the exercise, once interrupted, immediately get fat again.


In the step of the leg above, recommend two methods: (1) the development of interests, playing badminton, basketball, table tennis ah, a week to play once or twice, absolutely not the same as before, it is best not to limit themselves to how many times a week, after all, our life is not to find suffering, at will is the best. Long-term swimming is not recommended, the amount of exercise in swimming is large, but long-term swimming is not good for the ear, easy to get otitis media, and easy to catch a cold. (2) Take a walk after meals. This is my most recommended method, after eating a meal in the neighborhood or near the home walk, at least half an hour, too short has no effect, walking for too long is bad for the knee.

Matters needing attention

One key to losing weight is to reduce the intake of fats (vegetables can be appropriately eaten more), plus, eat less and move more.


If you are really hungry, it is better to eat porridge rather than rice. Porridge makes you feel full more easily.