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Do you have any sweet TV shows to recommend?

2018-03-14 12:48:22

Have you ever watched a cute TV show and lost it? Now! Let me introduce some sweet TV series!


Lonely and brilliant god - Ghost (Korean drama) This little fairy is also watching this drama recently oh ~ super sweet, is a Korean drama


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To our simple small beautiful Xiaobian crazy infatuated with this show before, because the height difference between the male and female protagonists is really too cute!! Typical bad student chasing good student campus drama ah, full of dog food, aunt laughing


A slight smile is very beautiful there are TV series, there are movies, but also high sweet oh, high appearance level, both male and female are excellent students, how can the sweet drama get less of it, Xiaobian said that the TV series and movies Xiaobian have chased it


Weightlifting goblin Jin Fuzhu (Korean drama) A super super super sweet Korean drama, although you may have seen it, but the small series still want to push it, the people around the small series have been pushed by the small series hhhhhhhh


oh my ghost Lord (Korean drama) is about a shy witch (heroine) is possessed by a ghost bravely chase love story, Xiao Bian watched a long time ago, feel very good oh


Revenge notes (Korean drama) is mainly about the heroine because of kindness and being bullied, one day suddenly received a revenge note, write down the name of the hate person can be revenge, the heroine with revenge notes to solve a lot of things. (The two men are really handsome)


The best of us a sweet and very real school drama ah, about the high school is a variety of love stories hhhh