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Does the Y massager really work

2018-03-13 16:00:00

Experience of use


For fat girls, losing weight is really a cause that can't afford to hurt. Sometimes work hard for a month, but because of a few days of rest and fat back; Sometimes mercilessly abuse yourself dieting for a month, although you can lose weight but your period does not come; Sometimes people say what diet drugs, diet tea is good to try, most of them are not only thin but fatter. What's more, with my hereditary weight loss, losing weight is not so easy.


My mother was also overweight, so I wasn't alone in my family. My mother and I are both weight loss enthusiasts, weight loss methods I have tried a lot, but the same things I and my mother try the effect is not the same, may be different physique


Through the recommendation of a friend, I said that the effect of the Y massager was very good, so my mother and I bought one to use. Y type massager looks like very heavy, but it is OK in the hand, the handle is more comfortable and convenient, this is my favorite point, I am relatively lazy, if it is not convenient and comfortable, it is difficult to insist on massage, this is more convenient. The roller is a gear design of 10 circles of octagonal body connected together, the surface is smooth, will not hurt the skin, and the local massage to the place is very tight, but it is recommended to apply some cream or lotion, because the long time massage is still some pain, according to the face has a small point, according to the legs and arms called quite suitable, cleaning is more convenient.