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Dog feeding mistakes

2018-03-18 00:00:00

The dog's daily diet is a matter of great concern to the owner, but sometimes the unreasonable combination of food may cause the dog's stomach discomfort, which is more likely to be healthy.


Feed dogs only meat. Some families think that by feeding it the best meat, they can make it grow strong. In fact, this feeding, will make most dogs diarrhea, the formation of indigestion, not easy to absorb.

Method/Step 2

Feed the dog leftovers. Our meals contain a lot of oil, salt and condiments, and some even contain a lot of spices, which are not suitable for pets to feed. Too much oil and salt are not good for their bodies, spicy is not good, will cause their stomach discomfort.

Method/Step 3

Animal guts. Eating this kind of food is most likely to cause skin problems in pets, such as eczema, dander and itchy skin problems.

Method/Step 4

Seafood. Fish have fish bones in them, and dogs can get stuck in their throats if they're not careful. And fish bones contain calcium and phosphorus, long-term consumption will cause urinary stones.

Method/Step 5

Fish bone + chicken bone. Because dogs have a habit of swallowing without chewing, this often causes vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. You can give a small amount of pig bones or cow bones for the dog to chew, the dog chew bones is only its hobby, eating bones does not necessarily make the dog's bones grow strong.

Method/Step 6

Milk + raw egg white. Milk has high nutritional value, but untreated milk is not easy for cats and dogs to digest and absorb, which may cause diarrhea.