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Don't dull your skin tone for your winning spring whitening strategy

2018-04-11 12:48:36

Time takes its toll. As you get older, your skin becomes dull and dull. No one wants to be a woman with a yellow face and dull skin. Let's learn the spring whitening strategy with Xiaobian! The classic words of "one white covers one hundred ugly" make many women who love beauty want to whiten, especially in spring, which is the best period for whitening. Everyone wants to have a beautiful spring and summer, the following skin care Xiaobian invites you to find a path to whitening, so that whitening work is not in vain. Strategy 1: Complete makeup removal Makeup is a strong enemy of the whitening project. Because makeup products contain some chemicals, not thoroughly removing makeup will speed up the deposition of melanin. Strategy 2: Deep skin cleaning Busy day, the face is piled with a lot of dust, dirt, residual makeup, cuticles. Use a gentle cleanser, exfoliate and massage. After washing your face, you can then exfoliate to make your skin clean. Then use a facial massage cream with massage techniques and active ingredients to help the skin wake up and make the dark skin look bright again. Strategy three: Moisturizing conditioning, drive away melanin after thorough cleansing, the use of moisturizing conditioning solution containing whitening ingredients, can reduce the transfer of melanin and inhibit the production of melanin. The dimness of the face is often the illusion of dry oil inside caused by dry skin. Strategy four: whitening mask, strengthen the offensive Whitening mask is rich in whitening essence, which can inhibit the generation of skin melanin, so that the skin after sun supplementation in time, accelerate the whitening effect. Strategy five: isolation sun protection, protection sun protection is an important step in the success or failure of the skin whitening project, only do a good job of sun protection, in order to resist the ultraviolet rays that will make melanin deposition. Moreover, some whitening ingredients, under ultraviolet irradiation, will greatly reduce the effect, and even produce chemical reactions, not only can not whiten the effect, but also harm the skin, women who want to whiten, isolation and sunscreen must not relax.