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Don't think about plastic surgery

2018-04-23 19:12:14

Plastic surgery is a double-edged sword, if you don't use it well, then you are wasted, wasted, you know? Here you go, timid babies.


Not everyone is Yang Mi, think about the pure little sister of the Shendiao chivalry before, change, no, no, is shaking the whole body, hey, you don't say, in fact, the effect can also yo, this, this face, TSK TSK.


But really not everyone is so lucky, now I show you these once beautiful girls, the whole ah, this is called a sad yo.


Look at this, I think it is really beautiful when I was young, the features are not bad, I do not know whether the brain is crazy or installed are paste, in fact, I can not accept the first one after plastic surgery, the whole is called a shocking ah, play monsters this do not have to make up, save a lot of money for the cast.


This I personally think with think look similar, anyway foreigners I think all look the same, this whole is also scared to cry several classes of children, the weather is not good, easy to get angry, don't let me hit the computer okay?


I do not know when the popular awl face, that is called a sharp ah, at home is not using the chin to cut the apple ah.


What happened to Korea being a paradise for cosmetic surgery? You scared me to heaven. What did the doctor do to you? This is, no, this is a master of terror. Leave her alone.

Matters needing attention

It's hot in summer, so don't think about getting plastic surgery.