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Dragon Boat Festival tourist attractions recommended

2018-03-18 20:48:00

Liujiawan Ganhai Park Liujiawan Ganhai Park is located in the middle of the South coastal Road, with 5.4 kilometers of golden coastline, known as "Asia's largest beach, China's first Ganhai Park". At low tide, there are 13,000 mu of intertidal zone, the beach is flat and the sand is fine, the area is vast, rich in more than 100 kinds of shellfish and crabs, the main varieties are razor clam, clams, quadrangular clams, sweet snails, mud snails, horseshoe crabs and huadan crabs. Dragon Boat Festival tourist attractions recommended: Wankou Scenic Spot Wankou Scenic spot is located in the area, the east end of Haqudong Road, is the most able to reflect the "blue sky, blue sea, beach" characteristics of the scenic spot. The sandy shoreline is 4 kilometers long, with wide beaches, steady waves and fine sand as the main features. Dragon Boat Festival tourist attractions recommended: The third bathing beach The third bathing beach is also called Shanhai Tianbathing beach, located in the east side of the corner, Zhanshan Bay, the water is unusually clear, sandy is good, the shore built a variety of style of changing rooms. The beach area is built by a village (that is, Dongjiatan Tourist Resort), and there are many yachts parked on the beach. South of the largest beach - Wankou beach; It faces the Yellow Sea in the north. Dragon Boat Festival tourist attractions: Seashore National Forest Park Seashore National Forest Park is located at the head of the coast, with a forest coverage rate of 73.5%. Most of the landforms of the park are the Yellow Sea ebb and tide sedimentary beach, the terrain is flat, long from north to south, narrow from east to west, high in the north and low in the south, the coastline is 7 kilometers, the average width of the intertidal zone is 200 meters. The park is divided into four functional areas, such as forest tourism area, seaside entertainment area, health resort area and Taigong cultural area. The existing underwater shark hall, zoo, Jiang Taigong Memorial Hall, sea beach, forest beach and other attractions; There are many people riding bicycles, European carriages, sightseeing cars, water riders, beach bikes, motorboats, sea boats, trapeze and other recreational projects. The aquarium is located in the Shanhai Tiantian Resort Area, closely connected to the Yellow Sea in the east, to the south, Wankou coastal ecological Park, international sailing race base and Taigong Island seaside amusement park, and to the north, Wangjiasao Folk Village, surrounded by blue sky, blue sea, green trees and beaches. With Asia's longest 168-meter imitation undersea sightseeing tunnel, Asia's largest 6-meter diameter overall vertical Marine landscape column and seal performance hall, it is a multi-functional comprehensive venue integrating tourism, popular science teaching, production and scientific research. Lighthouse Scenic spot Lighthouse scenic spot is located in the beautiful seaside, divided into square, seaside leisure area, apartment area and residential area 4 parts. With the lighthouse as the core, the scenic spot is a green grassy slope facing the sea; The lighthouse is like a "magic needle" that breaks out from the natural environment, showing the harmonious unity of the natural environment and the cultural landscape; The ocean, the reef, the sand, the lawn and the sculpture reflect each other. World Sailing Base Scenic area is located in the city of Wankou sea area, a total area of 1.2 square kilometers, of which the land area of 65 hectares, water area of 41 hectares, is to host the 2005 European class, 2006 international 470 class World sailing Championships and the construction of base facilities.