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Dream westward journey baby advanced process

2018-04-07 11:12:57

Dream journey to the west has been more than ten years, has been the leader of China's online games, dream journey to the West there are many kinds of gameplay, now to introduce you to the dream journey baby advanced process.


A baby


Combat level ≦45 Level greater than 60 level


Summon the beast Inner Dan


The cost of a baby from level 0 to advanced level is very high: low level call beast inside Dan must be full, take the baby to the dark thunder scene to kill a monster will have advanced tips. Find an NPC and give an Yi Jin Dan to start the progression. After four days there will be 20 unallocated attribute points that can be allocated. Behind is can continue to eat easy tendon Dan, to the fifth can complete the advanced, you can change the shape. Total cost: 5*150W game coins for 20 days


Of course, the rich are not willing to spend time waiting, and if they don't want to spend time, they can use fantasy coins to eliminate time. The first Yi Jin Dan is 500W, and each subsequent pill is reduced by 100W. Therefore, it is necessary to spend 1500W dream coins, which should be equivalent to 150 yuan (see the proportion of various regions).


Another thing to note is that each summoning beast can use seven bottles of ambrosia, so what is the best deal? In the gem merchant that is selling ambrose, the lowest bottle is in 49W, each buy a bottle will rise 1000, of course, is also the point of high and low.


The spiritual range of the primary Clear spirit fairy Dew is 0-4, intermediate 2-6, advanced 4-8, eating fairy dew is a spiritual fluctuation, generally at 6-8, and Summoning beasts can no longer use fairy dew when the spirit is up to 100.


Xiaobian is not very deep in understanding the advanced stage of calling the beast, because I generally buy the finished product, because of time reasons, it is impossible to spend so much time to practice the baby and then to advance. I hope that everyone can arrange the game time reasonably, which will affect work and study, and it will not be worth the loss.

Matters needing attention

For the sake of family and children, less money, cherish their hard-earned money.