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Dubai grade wine has what service

2018-04-04 01:36:31

If you go to Dubai, you must have heard that there is a class wine in Dubai, on the beach, the shape is sailboat, let's talk about what services this wine has.


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Before going to Dubai, you need to apply for your passport, the validity is best in more than 1 year, you can choose to travel with a group, you can also choose to travel freely, but the cost of free travel is relatively high, the local language may be different, and remember, to go there to comply with some local customs, do not wear too bright clothes.


Dubai sailing wine generally needs to be booked in advance, because sometimes encountered the relatively large tourist traffic season, here may not book the room to their satisfaction. The internal facilities of sailing wine are relatively perfect, the service is also good, and as a very iconic wine in Dubai, many tourists come here.


There is a service at the door of Dubai Sailing wine, where there are all kinds of luxury cars parked to receive VIP guests, generally if you are a VIP, then there will be a car to pick you up, you can call the reception desk from Dubai Airport, and then the reception desk will arrange the vehicle to pick you up, of course, the cost is included in the total cost of wine.


Dubai Sailing wine is not only around the blue and clean beach, for tourists to play, there is a very good green garden, where tourists can play, take photos, the garden is completely open to the public, of course, you do not deliberately damage the lawn or other green plants, which is not allowed in the local, may also face fines.


The service in Dubai Burj Al Arab is very good, you can book a queen room or a double room, note that for couples, public kissing is not allowed here, but cuddling is allowed. The room is relatively spacious and room service can be ordered daily, but the room service fee is calculated separately.


Dubai Sailing wine inside the bathroom has a bathtub, the bathtub is a Turkish style circular bathtub, you can massage can control temperature, control water speed, etc., the experience is very good, in addition to the bathroom here all the things have, bath towels and so on.


The dining room at Burj Al Arab is also great, though the cuisine may not be right for you. Personally, tourists may not particularly like the food here, where the more famous food is Arab barbecue, Arab flatbread, Arabic salad and so on. It's good to help yourself. It's very local and Arabic.


Although the Arab countries for alcohol control is more strict, but here can still find bars, mainly foreign tourists to the bar to play, single women in the evening is best not to go to the bar alone, or pay attention to safety. The bar of Dubai Burj Al Arab is also very well decorated, and there are many foreign tourists in it.

Matters needing attention

Watch out for the sun. It's very bright here