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During pregnancy, a woman can see her health through her lip color

2018-03-28 17:36:47

★ Dark red lips: Is it constipation? There are many reasons for constipation, in general, Qi and blood can not operate normally in the body, resulting in qi and blood obstruction and other factors. Health conditioning: Eating a vegetarian dinner to make Qi and blood run is the key. Exercise is the most natural therapy, and with the choice of vegetarian as a recuperation plan, at least until dinner as far as possible not to eat meat, to avoid too greasy and fat meat food on the stomach caused by excessive burden, so that morning excretion smoothly. ★ Lip color white: May be anaemia? Usually, people with anemia due to lower red blood cell and hemoglobin content in the blood than normal, not only lips white, but also eyelids white, pale, white nails, and all white. Health conditioning: Say goodbye to partial food urban women anemia, a large part of the situation is caused by partial food. It is recommended to eat raw vegetables such as carrots, spinach, tomatoes, kiwi fruit and chicken liver, pig liver, black sesame and other foods.