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Dye your hair these colors, not your skin tone

2018-03-18 16:01:00

We often see online red dyed some light grass green, indigo, lavender purple and so on are very good-looking, and have personality, but not what people can control these colors, provided you are white enough. Today we are going to talk about colors that can be dyed by anyone, regardless of skin tone.






1, red caramel color Caramel color yellowish brown, with a little red to become red caramel color. In the sun looks red, looks good, but also white, yellow skin sister can try. This color doesn't look corny, it's very modern, and it goes with everything.


2, taupe is a relatively deep color in the dyeing world, in the dark or under the light, feel more advanced, because the taupe degree is good, the whole person after the dye with a little European and American wind. Either yellow or white.


3, green brown Some girls like dull blue, but do not dare to try, you can choose this green brown, and do not need to bleach. Perfect for spring and summer, it looks very refreshing.


4, flax gold coffee color dyed this color girls look very gentle, and low-key. Both yellow and white. Flax gold coffee color is very good, bad hair girls can try.


Brown orange this color does not pick the age, office workers and students can try, very young, a lively feeling, and yellow skin can try, white skin not to mention, can hold.


Although it looks like this color is very bright, but the yellow girl does not show black after dyeing, but will show white, and this color can reduce age, so that you have a young feeling.

Matters needing attention

Be careful not to dye your hair more than twice a year, which can cause cancer.


You can test your ear hair for allergies before you dye it.