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Early summer soft powder lip makeup exudes a woman's intellectual beauty

2018-03-16 06:24:00

Spring is about to pass, summer is coming soon, in the early summer season, everything began to shine, how colorful people do not miss, today the comb is ready to start wearing an elegant powder lips makeup, a look is not your dish? Get a glimpse of the finished look first. For girls who often make up, pre-makeup maintenance is an essential step before makeup, makeup is more or less harmful to the skin, so pre-makeup maintenance must be in place, what is the pre-makeup maintenance in place? It's all about choosing the right product, and recently my bestie recommended a gold Flame Hydrating mask by Astara. Astara is a high-end rejuvenating pure natural plant brand imported from the United States. Without any irritating ingredients, it is a skin care product made of natural ingredients extracted from plants. Astara Hydrating Mask is affectionately known as "Golden Flame", which is a gel mask that can quickly replenish dry and weather-damaged skin. Such a mask to do makeup maintenance, or more assured. Astara Gold Flame Hydrating Mask is a gel makeup with a very refreshing and hydrating texture, which is excellent for hydrating, caring, softening and nourishing the skin. The ingredients of hyaluronic acid, chamomile, calendula, gherkin, arnica and aloe vera give this mask many magical effects, which is also an important reason why it is called "Golden Flame". 1. Soften skin, soothe fine lines and wrinkles. 2, sedative effect, calm red blood. 3, the care effect, the inflammation of the skin can do a good recovery. 4, the ingredients can withstand research, the mask does not contain any oily ingredients. 5, deep hydration, strong moisturizing, can let the skin keep enough water. This moisturizing mask is a wash free mask, any skin type can use, but relatively more suitable for dry skin, take a little on the hand, a little cool, looking very delicious, reminds me of jelly, light yellow gel is very light, relatively mild, can feel very strong calm and repair ability. Allergic skin is the most difficult time to worry about, but with Astara Gold Flame Hydrating mask, you don't have to be afraid to let the skin quickly return to its original state. This mask is very convenient to use, just started to use can be not suitable, slightly smoked the eyes, of course, this is a normal reaction, because the plant active ingredients in the product are playing a role, and the eye is the most sensitive part of the human, so it will react like this, but generally 1-2 minutes feeling will disappear. Don't worry too much. Estella Moisturizing Mask is a versatile product that almost every girl needs, whether you are doing pre-makeup maintenance or post-makeup repair, it is the best choice. After the pre-makeup maintenance, the skin will be much better, start to apply the makeup part. The first is the bottom, this can be ignored, do not make up the girl will do this step. Let's take a look at my eye makeup kit. It's KATE's family. KATE Look Three color eyebrow powder, KATE Gold Color Eyeshadow and KATE Makeup Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner, these three can completely create an impact look, and quickly become the eye of others. The eye makeup starts from the eyebrows, KATE makeup lasting liquid eyeliner goes, the brow tip of the comb is a little light, so step1 is the first to find the brow tip, step2 according to the eyebrow type to draw the eyebrows as a whole, the initial eyebrow end. Next comes KATE's three-color eyebrow powder, for eye makeup, the most sunny place is the eyebrows, eyebrows are the most sunny place of the eyes, but also the most easy to add points in the entire eye makeup, so see KATE's three-color eyebrow powder is decisive into the fact proved that my eye is still not wrong. KATE has done a lot for my makeup, giving it 32 likes. KATE style three color eyebrow powder is Kanebo's makeup products, is the palace of star eyebrow makeup products, it is natural and meticulous and waterproof, many media and professionals have recommended. KATE shape three color eyebrow powder, the whole box design is very reasonable and easy to use, eyebrow powder is tight and not loose, there is a makeup brush inside, it is more convenient to use. It can also be used as a nose shadow. Here to tell you about the use of KATE's three-color eyebrow powder: 1, use the eyebrow brush to take the right amount of eyebrow powder, adjust the color on the back of the hand and then use; 2, you can use a mixture of other two colors to draw the entire eyebrow, try not to reverse too big color; 3. Use the darker of the two selected colors to carefully outline the brow peak to the tip. This natural and comfortable brow powder is perfect for my skin type and goes well with the theme of our look. KATE's three-color eyebrow painting is recommended to brush several times, because this eyebrow powder is more natural, and the effect will be obvious after several brushes. How is the effect not the same. Compared to when I had no makeup. The eyes are enlarged a lot, and the eyebrows add a lot of points to the makeup. After that is eyeshadow, this time still use KATE's Dongdong, KATE gold Shuo Yue color eyeshadow sales in the day is absolutely you can not imagine, the comb into this is the same main gold system, eye makeup depends on it to refresh. Because the makeup of the comb this time is intellectual, it is not necessary to use too dark eye shadow, and first use the light rice noodles on the right side of the top corner to smear the entire eyelid to enhance the eyes. Then use the gold in the lower right corner to spread towards the eye socket, which can increase the sense of three-dimensional eyes. After that, I finished with gold in the upper left corner, and after applying mascara, the whole eye makeup came out. It's pretty simple. Next is the lip makeup, the use of the comb's favorite pink, is not a pink, delicate feet, intellectual women must have color. Here the whole makeup is OK, an intellectual makeup is born, just a few easy steps, so girls, work must put on makeup, refreshing and pleasant eyes. Your makeup's done. Get something that matches your makeup, and get out of the street. Get out of the street.