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Easily move into a new house, how to quickly remove formaldehyde in a new house?

2018-03-16 22:24:00

New house decoration can be said to be a big thing in our life, but also a very troublesome thing, everyone in the new house decoration after the most encountered a problem should be 'how to remove formaldehyde', easy to stay.


Luoyanite: Like activated carbon, Luoyanite can be placed at home to remove formaldehyde, which can be adsorbed while decomposing the adsorbed formaldehyde into harmless gases. So it will not be saturated in a short time, and can be valid for more than three years.


Formaldehyde scavenger: This is a special chemical agent to treat formaldehyde pollution in furniture and other plates, as long as the spray is coated on the inner and outer surfaces of the plate, it will use chemical reactions to form a film, thereby preventing the release of formaldehyde in the plate.


Strengthen the ventilation method: ventilation is the simplest way to remove formaldehyde, and effective ventilation can quickly reduce the indoor formaldehyde content. However, once the wind is small or the window is closed, the effect of removing formaldehyde will be very poor, and it is best to match other methods will get twice the result with half the effort.


Plant removal: Many plants have the effect of adsorption of formaldehyde, such as green flowers, ivy, chlorophylla and other plants, have the effect of removing formaldehyde, not only can filter indoor formaldehyde, but also can play the role of embellishing home beauty. But the plant is a living body after all, the ability to absorb and purify formaldehyde is limited, it is recommended to match other methods.


Air purifier: The air purifier is equipped with activated carbon filter, which has super purification and adsorption capacity, and can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the air, which can achieve the effect of improving indoor air quality.


Activated carbon: Activated carbon is a relatively original material, cheap, strong adsorption, but because of the high concentration of formaldehyde in the room, activated carbon is easy to absorb and saturate, so it can be replaced often.


Photocatalyst injection: Photocatalyst is a very good method to remove formaldehyde, and it is also recognized as a safe material in the world. It can decompose toxic substances such as formaldehyde in the room into water and carbon dioxide, and it is also safe to use.

Matters needing attention

Formaldehyde must be completely removed before the new house is moved in, otherwise it will cause great harm to the body.