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Embellish your figure with a belt in summer

2018-02-19 22:24:00

Waistbands For women, through the fit of the cut and subtle design, the practical function is declining, while the aesthetic function is constantly rising. A small belt can often give clothing collocation with a bright effect, a wonderful pen. Simple and thin waist belt: Because of its slender and slender appearance, the thin waist belt gives a feeling of elegance and fashion. When matching the professional sense of clothing, it gives a person a clean and neat temperament. When matching the sweet clothing, it gives a feeling of refinement and taste. Bow silk belt: Bows have always been a representative element of sweet and playful, and are one of the most suitable detailed designs for expressing female characteristics. According to the style and characteristics of the dress, the size of the bow belt is selected to highlight the overall temperament. Wide and tight waist seal: tight waist seal is the best waist effect, while the wider width is not like a thin waist belt as out of the fat, suitable for most dresses, easily folded out of a slim small waist. Unique and novel belts: printed, beaded and other novelty belts can fully meet the autonomy of girls for dressing and dressing, and the choice of the one that matches the style of clothing can play the icing on the cake effect. Simple basic: the most original, the most basic is often the most classic after the erosion of The Times, no fancy design, just based on the original function, simple and easy to match, with the style of simple pants and bag hip skirt is the best combination.