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Erhai Lake travel recommendation

2018-06-12 01:36:00

Erhai Tourist accommodation recommendation - Erhai scenery, changing four times, colorful. In the early morning, the mist is light cage, the lake is confused, the smoke is endless, waiting for the sunrise, the veil is lifted, revealing the beautiful face; The sun is rising, the gold is shining, the fishing boat is sailing. Evening, Yu xia wrong yee, back to boat docking, fishing singing late. Moonlight night, water quiet wind light, moonlight shadow wave light, light waves on the shore. "Erhai Night moon", become "Shangguan wind, Xiaguan flowers, Cangshan snow, Erhai moon" one of the four wonders.




Four "wind, flower, snow, month" there are four, wind, flower, snow, Xiaguan wind, Shangguan flower, Cangshan snow, Erh Haiyue Xiaguan wind "County records", "because the ground constant hot air rises, and the eighteen streams of cold air to rush it, and most of the forty li Qing in the southwest to Xiaguan, blocked, also always input the ground, also all around the mountains, the air rotates among them, For a moment can not fly and disperse, fight each other, its crazy like a tiger, pulling out trees and tilting boats, there is also." Especially in the urban Xiaiguan, the cold air flow rate is fast, the wind is particularly violent, the speed is 12 to 14 meters/second, the maximum speed is 28 meters/second, and the woman rides, walks or has a case of tipping over. In a year, there are more than 35 days of strong winds, so Shimonoseki is known as the "windy city". There are two other touching stories about Shimonoseki. Legend has it that a white-faced scholar fell in love with a beautiful girl, which caused the dissatisfaction of the king of Nanzhao. The king ordered Master Luo Quan to drive the scholar into Erhai Lake. In order to save her lover, the girl asked Guanyin Bodhisattva for six bottles of wind, wanting to let the wind dry the sea and save the scholar. Who knows the wind bottle just back to the bridge, the girl accidentally fell, and broke five wind bottles. In a flash, the wind roared, the wind blew constantly throughout the year, especially in winter, and later people called Shimonoseki "Windy city". And passed a long time ago, Guanyin turned into an old woman, carrying a bottle of wind, after the bridge, the bridge soil pawn according to the practice to check the goods of passers-by. The old woman persuades not to inspect, the soldiers do not listen. Before the old woman explained the stakes, she opened the bottle cap and suddenly the wind rushed out of the bottle. By the time the soldiers realized, the old woman had disappeared. Since then, the wind has been blowing day and night from Tiansheng Bridge to Xiaguan, hence the name "Wind City". Shangguan flower legend there is a "ten rich fragrant tree" in Shangguan, flowers as large as lotus, fragrance than osmanthus, the color is pink and white, the fruit is black and hard, used as a pearl, so it is also called "Chaozhu flower". According to Fuji, "... The flower tree is six zhangs high, its quality is like laurel, its white, each twelve petals, should be in December, meet the moon is more than one petal, vulgar to the immortal left species, in the Fu and the foot of the mountain, the native people because of its place name." The date of this flower planting is not known. Only know that in the Yuan Dynasty to Zheng years, the flowers are very good, open year after year, month after month, the rich fragrance spread over a hundred steps away. Later, it has become extinct, legend is that when the flowers are in full bloom, spectators gather, some corrupt officials use the flowers to blackmail the local people, the people complain, had to secretly kill the flowers. But until today, the Bai people love flowers, flowers have become a habit, and there are many flowers, the fragrance of the four seasons.


Cangshan snow is mainly to guide the peak of Cangshan all year round does not melt snow scene. Cangshan peak, Yuba peak, Yeti peak, and Zhonghe peak, even in summer is white and snow-covered. There is such a story about the snow scene of Cangshan: According to legend, in ancient times, a plague god came to Basi to destroy the people. At this time, a brother and sister in order to prevent people from the plague, to the Guanyin that to learn the Fa, after returning, with magic to the plague God rushed to the top of Cangshan, with the snow to the plague God frozen to death. The brother and sister also become snow gods on the Yeti peak of Cangshan Mountain, subduing the plague God forever.


The three kinds of tea of the Bai nationality have a long history, which originated in the early Tang Dynasty and then developed continuously. In the middle and late period of the Nanzhao Dynasty, Buddhism was on the rise, and temples advocated sitting meditation and drinking tea. Tourists also liked drinking tea to quench their thirst, which made the tea ceremony develop a lot. After the Song and Yuan dynasties to the Ming and Qing dynasties, Bai families love to drink roasted tea, entertain guests to drink sweet tea, and drink "three teas" during weddings and festivals. With the development of tourism, three kinds of tea of Bai nationality have developed to the height of tea culture with rich connotation.


Dig color town ancient called Luchuan, dig color. It is located in Eran, located in the east, bordering Shuanglang Town in the north, bordering town in the south, and adjacent to Jizu Mountain Town in the east, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on one side, looking at Pingcang Mountain in the west, and Jizu Mountain in the east, which is a beautiful and rich town of fish and rice in Eran since ancient times, and one of the cradles of Bai nationality culture in Erhai region with a long history. Due to its unique geographical location, it has been the water and land transportation distribution center and trade center connecting the surrounding areas, and its economy is active, the culture is developed, the folk customs are rich, and the Bai nationality culture in Erhai area is one of the more complete areas.


Gesang Inn chain (Double corridor) Address: City double corridor ancient town double corridor village (Erhai Lake) recommended reasons: busy all day in the city jungle, round and round sitting in the central air conditioning work, meetings, I really feel like a withered leaf, shrivel without any water and passion. Tired heart finally can not withstand this endless pressure, can not be divorced from reality, but still give their own heart put a long vacation. In the stay of a week, very enjoy the time, here to meet many friends, there are many moved, gave me a period of time to forget the good time. Warm room, fragrant tea,

Matters needing attention

Life tips The rainy season is also more concentrated in May to October. From here to the north, the temperature gradually drops. However, whenever after the rain at the turn of summer and autumn, the temperature drops quickly, and there is a local saying that "a rain into autumn", so it is best to take a few autumn clothes to travel at this time to prevent cold. In comparison, the overall temperature is slightly lower.