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Escape Chamber 19 How to pass the eighth level

2018-04-05 22:24:53

Escape Room 19 Mysterious Disappearance is a classic fun decryption game. Here to say is the chamber of secrets escape 19 eighth pass of the walkthrough, I hope to help you ~


First click on the cabinet on the right. In this interface, you can get spitball, pencil sharpener, and pencil


Combine paper balls, pencil sharpener and pencil to get paper and pen


Here on the sofa, clicking on the suit will drop a knife, pick up the knife, and then combine it with the pen and paper


After the combination will get the organ as shown in the figure, the organ is very simple, as long as the corresponding parts of each word can be placed under the word. In addition, the black part is placed on the top and the brown part is placed on the bottom. Untie it and get the note.


Click on the table on the left and use the note to click on the book on the table. Get a complete book.


Click to enter the space next to the sofa, which is the study. Put the obtained book into the empty section of the shelf. Can open up another space.


On the right wall of the new space, there is a mechanism to turn all the same patterns together, and if you turn one wrong, you have to start over. Test your memory.


Once the mechanism is unlocked, it's time to move on to the next level.