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Essence two day tour

2018-02-18 01:36:00

It is located in the western border of the province, bordering on the province and county in the east, adjacent to the city and county in the west, in the south, and near the Three Gorges, in the north, and near Wudang, is the only administrative region named after "forest area" in China. There are many amazing geological wonders. There is a tidal river in the territory of Honghua Township, the water surges three times a day, and the tide rises once in the morning, middle and evening, each lasting half an hour. At high tide, the color of the water varies according to the season; In the dry season, the water color is cloudy, and in the season of plum rain, the water color is clear. The unique geographical environment and three-dimensional microclimate make it a transitional area for plant species in north and south China and a cross area for many animals to multiply and live.


Day 1 (- Dragon Rack)


Go by car in the morning, way view Xiaofeng scenery, Gao LAN sleep, Xiangxi River scenery, afternoon visit nature reserves: Ono people research station, small herbal medicine museum, Golden Monkey Ridge primitive forest, Shennong the first scene of Shennong Valley, overlooking the first peak of Central China Shennong Ding, through the wild man's presence - Banbi Rock; Return to Qingtian robe all home Fu kitchen utensils visit.


Day 2 (Shennong Altar)


After breakfast, visit Shennong Altar ancient botanical garden, millennium ancient cedar king, worship the Chinese ancestor Yan Emperor Shennong, etc., and then visit the collection of God, strange, quiet, dangerous in one, deep cave, forest towering Shenlong Cave scenic spot, you can see the karst karst caves, The tall and upright fir, the ancient and fragrant rock cypress, the graceful solo, the graceful dove tree, the iron cedar that monopolies one side, and the peacock, black bear, giant salamander and macaque and other national protection animals. Xiaofeng Waterfall in the afternoon on the way back at one's own expense national 4A level tourism area, is the "Western Hubei ecological culture tourism circle" boutique scenic spot, the scenic spot in the overlapping green, majestic canyons, murmuring water, waterfalls flying, rare trees can be seen everywhere, a variety of wild animals thrive here. Cambrian book of Heaven, Sibuxiang, Barenxu Cave, Xiaofeng Buddha and other scenic spots are full of scenic spots, the Three Gorges waterfall is known as "the first waterfall in Central China", the end of a happy trip!