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Every day rich ancient dice rich preferred weapon

2018-03-03 06:24:00

Every day rich ancient dice rich preferred weapon, the game appeared in the rich system, there are the benefits of the inside, of course, ancient dice, this dice aside from the role, the shape should have attracted a lot of players, handsome and retro combined together, very cool, so what kind of advantages of this dice, take a look at the following specific introduction.


Starting method: As a rich exclusive "ancient dice" naturally with ordinary dice starting method is not quite the same, click to enter the dice interface, it is not in the regular dice category, but appears in the exclusive rich dice category. There is currently no restriction on the purchase of the required rich level, and ordinary players can also purchase directly through diamonds.


In terms of price, rich dice are different from ordinary dice, can not be unlocked by using gold coins after reaching a certain level, must consume diamonds to buy, the price of "ancient dice" is NO1 in the current game dice, which needs to spend 4000 diamonds to unlock, but it is still worth it, whether feel or shape, it can afford the price!


Attribute analysis: From the appearance, ancient dice are full of adventure and retro taste, with a full of ancient times, after all, it is in Hanbok and adventure map together, light effect is more normal, and there is no fine dice that amazing feeling at first glance, but the overall calculation is quite durable.


Attributes, ancient dice bonus small game win, good luck, control dice ability, acquisition cost discount, gold reward, single and double reward six, which control dice ability full level plus 30 points, with the same boutique dice is currently the highest, small games, good luck, acquisition cost full level plus 25 points, gold reward 20%, single and double reward 1 time with the current first-class dice flat!


Competition boutique: Because the online time is almost the same as the boutique dice, it is natural to take a look at the merits of the two gorgeous dice that are too urgent, the price of the boutique dice is 3000 diamonds, players can use 1.1 million gold coins to unlock after reaching the 57 level, and ancient dice can only be purchased through 4000 diamonds.


In the attributes of the difference between the two is not very obvious, ancient dice in addition to the fine construction costs discounted into a small game to win, there is no other difference. But in the actual game, the boutique is relatively floating, the ancient is relatively stable, the difference between the two mainly consider the player's favorite game map, if the only love adventure map, boutique dice is relatively more competent, because in the adventure map small game role, and the game rhythm is fast. But other maps are obviously much better in the past, and 25 minigame wins are still very useful!


Summary: Ancient dice should be the best dice in the game at present, from the feel and attributes are very good, although the price is a little expensive, and can not be unlocked by gold coins, but it is still very recommended, if not poor drill partners can start oh, if you feel a little expensive, fine dice is also a good substitute.